My partner arthritis

#autoimmunedisease I'm going to tell you from the beginning about the hard times I've had since I was very young because of an autoimmune disease.
At the age of 18, as a teenager performing multiple normal activities at that age, my body began to be affected by pain, mainly when I got up in the morning. At first I thought it was due to the exercise routine that I had, because I was a member of the volleyball team in my state and daily I had to follow practices.
My day to day spent between classes, sports, gym and at the same time I attended a modeling academy and this was my other passion.
Many times the joint pain in my feet was unbearable and I didn't know if they were due to the sneakers or heels I had to wear on the runway. The truth was that these pains increased until I was left lying in bed without being able to make minor and common movements, because the pain was extremely strong. I couldn't comb my hair, clean up when I went to the bathroom, get dressed or just fasten my bra.
My visits to different doctors began and the first diagnosis I had was “mixed connective tissue disease “, which is an autoimmune disorder of which the cause is unknown. In these cases, the immune system (which is responsible for fighting disease) mistakenly attacks healthy cells. That is, it attacks the fibers that make up the structure and support of the body.
It was a disease that I knew nothing about and when looking for information I realized that it was something serious, because it is degenerative causing kidney, lung, heart damage, anemia, hearing loss and more.
I started with strict treatment and a lot of faith that everything was going to be better, but on the contrary the pain was increasing and my quality of life declining.
I came to suffer from severe depressive symptoms that led me to visit the psychologist and several support groups, I was about to leave university and thanks to the help and support of my colleagues I managed to finish my studies, amid pain and crisis.
My hands started to warp and I started to panic. I had a lot of time with the treatment and I didn't see it getting any better. At the suggestion of a colleague from the university (today a great friend), she convinced me to visit another doctor, I accepted her recommendation only in search of something that would appease the pain.
After many exams and tests this new doctor diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis, that is another autoimmune disease but less aggressive. I spent two and a half years, almost three receiving treatment for a disease which I did not have, this was the reason why I did not improve, on the contrary my health deteriorated more .
With the change of treatment I have recovered and remained stable at almost 95%, although so far they are incurable diseases, you can live and deal with them.
My life changed, I take pills for life, my arthritis accompanies me everywhere I go to the gym, practice yoga, I do my life almost normal, I have changed my eating habits (now I am vegan), although from time to time there appears a pain that makes me uncomfortable.
I got married and my biggest longing was to have a baby, I got pregnant and unfortunately my little daughter died on the fourth day of birth, depression came again sadness and a lot of anxiety to know if my partner arthritis had anything to do with this event, my doctors assured me not. but I had the doubt . After a year and a half I try again and during my second pregnancy I had a great relapse, intense pains in the first trimester that left me at complete rest, then everything continued well and today I enjoy my beautiful son an absolutely healthy child, “although many predicted me that I would never be a mom”.
Although I suffer from this bitter disease today I live grateful for life, always hand in hand with God and my friend Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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