My poetry collection 'Perpetuum Mobile'


In 2009 I was given the opportunity through another poet to make my dream come true: to publish my own poetry collection.

After a lot of mail traffic we were able to make a selection of the poems that would appear there. Some time later the copies of the printing press rolled and I was very satisfied.

The poetry collection 'Perpetuum Mobile' was presented to the public during a happening organized by the municipal council and afterwards there was the possibility to buy a copy with signalling.

Something I would never forget. A milestone for me after so many years of writing poetry was ultimately a reality.

Here are some pictures: my poetry collection and also some atmospheric images from that evening that was also listened to by the Piuskoor Ardooie led by my brother Peter Lejaeghere who had put some of my poems to music.

The last picture is me (far right) with my mother and my 4 brothers. (left of my mother the conductor and my youngest brother Peter)