#salad Hey, how are you?
I hope it's ok. Well, on this beautiful day I will dedicate my time to tell you how to prepare one of my delicious Salads.

I don't know if other people have already created a salad like this, but I wanted to create one of my own. A salad that seemed very tasty to me, so I thought I'd recommend it here, so that you can also prepare it and if you like it, try it again as many times as you want in your homes. If you do not know exactly what types of ingredients I use because the names of the vegetables are very different from what you say in your countries, you can ask me anything in the comments below, and I will answer your questions. I hope you read and like it.

Then I will write here the following Ingredients that I used for this tasty vegetable mix:

1 whole carrot
2 whole tomatoes
Half round white onion
1 long onion stick
2 whole boiled eggs
Half Purple Beet
And Half Purple Cabbage and a little of the White.

Ready! I will now summarize the preparation:

It's easy folks, all I did was cut all the named Ingredients into long, large slices. Mix them all in a plastic cup.

But while cutting and mixing all these ingredients, with music in the background, a fan turned on by the heat emanating from the kitchen hahaha. He had already put two eggs to boil in hot water, and after 9 minutes they boiled out of the holla.
I removed the shell with gentle movements, then I covered them with a thin layer of salt, and then cut them into long thin slices and mixed them with the salad.

Lastly I wanted to add it as my own option, and if you want you can also do it. Sprinkle a little vinegar, not too much, and Mayonnaise in circles around the entire salad.

I hope you like how this salad turned out after following my steps!
And thanks to all those people who took the time to read this publication that I shared with you here. I plan to continue sharing other recipes that I get to prepare with a lot of Love here in my home, so that you can also enjoy the delicacies and Gastronomy of Venezuela and even your own recipes that I get to create hehehe. Greetings to all Yoors and thank you very much!
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My Salad Recipe!

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