My selfie

A #selfie is a picture of yourself, in short: one that you stand prominently on. Of course, you can do that in a suitable posture, pose or position. What my parents used to say to me in a completely different context in the past years, even if you're going to be upside down.

For my selfie I have chosen a copy of which I am adorned with a paper hat. A paper hat, so to speak.


Of course I first folded that hat myself. Whoever wants to try that, you can. An instruction blog has been added. While we are at it, try to fold a paper boat, or the paper airplane. Do not forget to provide you with coffee, tea or lemonade in time during this strenuous work. With biscuit, of course.

I would say: very good luck and fun with all your folding activities!

(c) 2021 Hans van Gemert

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