My voice will not be lost...


For me, God is the Creator of heaven and earth.
Knowing this has a lot of value to me.
I can now hear that He is my guiding man in everything.
Without Him, there is a great lack.
Yet I lived so many, many years.
Never had I ever experienced this lack.
I could do it all by myself and it didn't go bad at all.
But now, by His word very much comes into its own.
Of course, I can't explain everything in life.
Many questions remain open, certainly in the coming years.
Yet I am no longer looking for all the answers, experiencing Him is more than enough for me.
Yet there was a time when I asked him all kinds of things.
There was a time of doubt, His greatness combined with all the suffering of the world.
I can't deny that it didn't do anything to me at the time.
Luckily, he was able to give me many answers.
But a relationship with God must be experienced personally.
He is my leader, and without fear I may go now.
With peace, peace and joy I will surely stand.
With Him as my guiding man, what are the worries.
In His hand I am forever secured.

by: a Voice of Thoughts /
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