MyLife: Altijd kamperen

Voor Jansen...

Luchtige lucht. 

Zonnige zon. 

Waterig water, 

ik wou dat ik het verdragen kon. 

Het oogt niet vies zo door de ruiten,

maar ik kan en mag niet naar buiten. 

Zon, licht en buitenlucht ik kan het niet verdragen, 

dus ik slijt mijn levensdagen, 

in een tentje, met veel lagen, 

zodat ik leven kan 

en alleen dan... 

hakt mijn lijf met poeders, pufs en pillen...  


pollen en beestjes héél klein, 

in de pan, 

zodat ik even, een paar minuten, ademhalen en... 

leven kan. 

Het is zomer buiten, vakantie, voor wat leeft. 

Ik kampeer binnen in mijn tent en bivakkeer. 

Ik fantaseer, 

over frisse lucht, warme zon, drinkbaar water, 

5 minuten zitten op het gras, gewoon in de achtertuin.

Dat ga ik ooit nog doen. 


Een eenvoudig gedicht, luchtig van vorm en met een variabel rijmschema (als het ergens maar rijmt), met de nodige satire, ironie en/of humor in combinatie met het thema (Natuur en Liefde) zijn de ingrediënten voor een Madrigaal. 

Met deze Madrigaal van 10 zinnen doe ik mee aan de schrijfuitdaging van Miranda Tabor en de schrijfuitdaging zomer 2018 van Hans van Gemert

Al mijn blogs (ook de lange) zijn liggend geschreven met de smartphone en met 1 vinger getypt. Zie jij taal-/typefouten hoor ik het graag.

Nodig vriend uit

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Education loss and mourning youths
#workshop   #onlineworkshop   #lezing   #onlinelezing #education   #education In my practice From Caterpillar to Butterfly I offer lectures, workshops and online courses to parents, educators and professionals who want to know more about the process of loss and mourning among young people. From an early age I learned what loss was. However, at that time there was little or no talk about the feelings and emotions that were bothering me as a result of this loss experience. Again and again these were pushed aside again, they were not allowed to be there. You can imagine that this has a significant impact on how you develop yourself? Especially if you endure a loss experience at an early age. It is therefore my goal with my practice to break the taboo talking about loss with young people. loss is also part of life!  - In my lectures, workshops and online courses I offer attention to what is actually loss. I also pay attention to the development in case of loss, how does a youthful normally develop and how if it is going through a loss? Many more aspects are covered. Feel free to take a look at my website or leave a message if you have any questions about loss and mourning among young people. Maybe I'll be able to dedicate a blog.
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How simple and fast can you be when you make a call, they say “a caller is faster”. They are also quite right, calling is also faster. Only I do not dare to call, there is a fear in me, you can ask me why I do not dare to do this, I can not answer this. Why I don't dare.... I don't know.. I have fear of failure, I just can't imagine that not daring to call belongs to fear of failure, you can't fail calling. At work, I often have to call the office or call the children's parents. If I have to call, I try to postpone this as long as possible or send an email. But an email stays with me for half an hour before I send it, later there are errors in the text or I have written names wrong. If I have to communicate with others then there comes some kind of error in my head, I start stuttering and spontaneously forgot what I wanted to say, the so-called “Black Out”. Until 5 years ago, if you called me, I would have pushed you away and then sent a message 5 minutes later.? You called?”. Nowadays with my work, I don't get out of bells anymore and I'll have to. When I have to call I write on a piece of paper in keywords what to say, if I don't do this I'm guaranteed to forget. Before I call, I walk somewhere where no one can hear me (imagine I say something wrong in front of my colleagues). When I'm alone, I take a few deep breaths and dial the number. Call.... Something so simple, which can be so hard.