Affogato met Baci di dama

- keuken examen, dessert- 

Last but not least

Dit zijn de recepten van mijn praktijk examen keuken, dus ook aangepast op een professionele keuken. Hebben jullie vragen over het uitvoeren in een gewone keuken, twijfel niet een reactie te plaatsen!

   Vanille ijs met espresso (Affogato) en Amandel koekje (baci di dama)

Naam gerecht: Vanille ijs (nagerecht)


1 vanillestokje

3 dl. halfvolle melk

4 eierdooiers

75 gr. basterdsuiker

3 dl. Slagroom






Kritische punten:

1. Schenk de melk in een steelpan met dikke bodem., en breng dit aan de kook.


Splijt het vanillestokje met een scherp mesje, Schraap het merg. voeg het stokje aan de melk toe. Haal de pan meteen van het vuur en laat het stokje ong 10 min. in de melk trekken.

Gelijk bij koken van het vuur af Deksel op de pan

Verwijder dan het vanillestokje. Klop in een kom eierdooiers en suiker


Klop er geleidelijk de hete melk door. Voeg daarna de slagroom toe.


Op ijswater. Wachten tot het koud is. Dan in de ijsmachine

Op letten voor als machine vastloopt


Naam gerecht: Baci di dama


50 gr amandelpoeder

50 gr bloem

50 gr suiker

50 gr boter

2 theelepels koffielikeur

50 gr boter

50 gr poedersuiker

4 el cacao poeder

50 gr amandelschaafsel



3 bekkens



Bakplaat met matje

Keuken machine





Leg de boter uit de koelkast, zodat deze zacht kan worden..



Meng de amandelpoeder met de bloem en de suiker. Meng hier de zacht geworden boter en de likeur



Vermeng de ingrediënten tot het een zacht en glad deeg is.


Vorm hier van bolletjes ter grootte van een walnoot, die aan een kant plat zijn rol ze door de amandel stukjes en leg ze op een ingevette bakplaat.


Zet de baci 22 minuten in een voorverwarmde oven van 179 graden


Ventilatiestand laag/uit

Mix ondertussen de poedersuiker, boter en cacao poeder tot een botercreme.


Haal de baci na 15 minuten uit de oven, laat ze afkoelen en verbindt de platte zijde van de baci met de chocolade.



Wil je ijs maken zonder ijsmachine? Zoek dan een recept voor bijv vanille parfait.

Een ander klasgenootje had likeur 43 parfait, echt een aanrader!

- afwerken met chocosnippers en een munt blaadje-

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Here's the funniest translation mistakes made by Yoors in 2021
Our translation system is still learning. However we can't help but laugh at some of the funniest mistakes our own translation machine has been making throughout the year. Our translation system is powered by Amazon, but we've noticed that Google or DeepL offers some better translations. However maybe with this post we can make Amazon improve their shit??? This post is intended for entertainment purposes only so try to not take anything seriously :). Have you also come across funny translations on Yoors? Let me know in the comments what they were! 1. Nice divorces - Sometimes the translator is way too literal, isn't it? You draw a set of beautiful separators that people can use in their blogs and then someone is congratulating you on your divorce. Nice! The correct translation for this dutch comment should have been "Beautiful to see what nice separators you have also made". 2. Too many rich people left... - Sometimes there are so many rich people, that you can't even make your recipe correcty.. LOL! "Rico" in spanish often literally translates to "rich", but in the case of food it should mean "Delicious". The correct translation for this Spanish comment should have been: "With any other oil they're also delicious. Healthier without oil. They will turn out so delicious..." 3. Playing with your balls - i couldn't help but laugh so hard at this one. Even though it literally should translate to "playing with your balls", it wasn't supposed to be those balls you know... We all know that there are different types of balls, you naughty! If you still want to figure out what kind of balls this person was talking about, you can take a look at this post. 4. Lose your egg - When you write a post asking what others like about Yoors, you'd never expect someone saying they lost their eggs thanks to Yoors. That certainly doesn't sound positive, right?! This is a famous expression in Dutch, that should translate to: "On Yoors I can express my thoughts freely". 5. The sideburn - Asking others what food they find disgusting, shouldn't make them think about sideburns and whatever. However this person did! The correct translation for this funny translation should've been "The watermelon is the fruit that disgusts me the most...". However I don't blame the translator on this one. "Patilla" is one of the many words that we use in the Spanish language to describe a watermelon. 6. It's really a picture - I laughed harder than I should have when I saw this comment. The picture is really a picture! However the actual comment said "Deze foto is echt een plaatje", which is an expressive way to say "This photo is really beautiful. Can't blame the translator on this one either. Dutch is really a complicated language XD. 7. The guinea pig - The post wanted to be informative post about what guinea pigs shouldn't eat, but thanks to the translation it turned out to be about who are the ones who shouldn't eat guinea pigs instead! Well i know for sure I'm not eating guinea pigs, but thank you anyway for the warning. 8. I have no talent - They had us in the first half, not gonna lie. When I read the first part of the comment I was feeling all warm until I got to the last part. "I wish you had that talent". The whole sentence contradicted itself! It was very funny to discover that the original Spanish comment should have translated to : "... I wish I had that talent" instead. 9. Guitar pee? - I had to look twice when I read this comment. I don't think anyone loves guitar pee, except for this commenter. However when I went to check the original comment, I understood the misunderstanding of our translation machine. "Gitaarspe" should have been translated to "Guitar play" 10. Let's eat hairsalon! - "Kapsalon" is basically a Dutch fast food dish consisting of a layer of french fries, topped with döner or gyro meat and cheese. It actually also literally translates to "hairsalon".  However i don't blame our innocent translation machine to know this. 11. A pimp on Yoors? - I knew immediately that this couldn't be the correct translation when I read it. Also the replier was so adamant on agreeing with the commenter, that I really had to double check what was going here. However "Que chulo" does translate to "What a pimp", it should have translated to "Cool!" 12. Poor badger - Here on Yoors some people were literally plotting schemes to eat the poor badger in someone else's garden. Little did I know that they were actually talking about "Wild garlic" instead. The translator translated "Daslook" (which is a synonym for wild garlic) to "Badger look". 13. Nice weather, huh? - Often you will see Dutch Yoorsies congratulating you or others about the  weather. I already found this highly suspicious as the weather sucks here in Holland. However what you probably didn't know is that our translator is translating "weer" to "weather" instead of "again". So funny how some comments come to look like this: Or this: