#howtodealwith When my second child was studying primary education, I was repeatedly summoned by his teachers. Teachers often informed me of my son's inappropriate behavior and I doubted or didn't believe it, because he (my son) told me that what they said to me was false..
I was recommended to take him to the psychopedagogue of the institution and this one in turn referred him to the psychologist.
After many consultations, family therapies and endless testing my son was diagnosed as a mythomaniac.
Mitomania is a psychological disorder that requires treatment to lead the person to live their reality.
A person mitomania usually alters reality, and creates lies around him for many reasons, in most cases they do so to get into a social group, to become popular (which was the case with my son) or for fear of punishment among other reasons more.
People who have sometimes lied with a mitomaniac can not be confused, although lying is not healthy to solve situations, it should not be used to be accepted.
It was difficult to handle this situation because there was always the doubt as parents, to know if our son was telling us the truth . The therapy was both for him and for the whole family.
For a long time he received support from both trained and everyone around him, motivating him to create real situations that helped him finally control that foolishness he had to lie.
He is currently quite a successful adult who overcame this disorder with the support of many.
It is important as parents to be very attentive to the behavior of our children to avoid worse harm in the future.