National Mill Day (incl. fun craft tips)

Every second weekend in May:Meet the wind and water mills in your area!

The first National Milldag was in 1973, and in 1976 this day was combined with TheLandelijke Bicycle Day! So could and could, anyone,on the bike, visit the mills on this day! In the meantime, TheLandelijke Bicycle Day no longer exists, now thewhole month of Maydeclared Cycling Month.

Also nice to know, is that there is alsoGroundare open to visitors, and it is2 daysbecome. So now it'sNational Mill and Grinding Daysbecome! Would you like to cycle there this weekend?

Do you want to knowtruefind your windmills in your region? Then look HERE

TheChildren's pageof TheHollandsche Mill you can find HERE

A millis a tool with a variety of functions. It can serve to manufacture flour, oil, paint and so on, sawing wood to pumping water.A mill can be powered by the wind, water, electricity, the muscular strength of people (hand mill, treadmill) or animals (rosmols). A windmill with old Dutch rigging of the blades can average 25 to 30kilowattsdeliver. With Streamlinerods, such asbreeding peakscan be supplied up to 45 kW.Source: Wikipedia

A pumping stationis a device for bringing water from a lower to a higher level. It brings or keeps water in a gauge area at a certain level. In addition to ground for water systems, we also distinguish sewer ground.
Source: Wikipedia

If you can't or do not have time to visit a mill, I have belowcraft tips to craft a mill yourself!

Click here Kindergarten idea and print out these fun mills. Colors, assemble and ready
Making windmills from plastic bottles. Click here for the German working description: Selbst
Source: Turkrazzi

With paper plate. Source: Proki Events

From Greek website Nikoybasilikh

Made from an empty milk carton! Click here for the clear method: Lost Your Craft Egg

With kitchen rolls and sticky figures. The creator is unfortunately unknown .

Made of a toilet roll and 4 stirrers! Click here for the method: The Friendship

Also made of a toilet roll. Look here for the (English) working description: Laura Fenton

With popsicle sticks. Working description in English, including step photos: Craft Project Ideas

Made of cardboard coffee cups, painted with acrylic paint. Use a split pin so that the blades can really rotate! The Pinterested Parent

Made of 3 terracotta flower pots and small popsicle sticks. Creator unknown

Here with two jars. Creator unknown

Draw windmills on a stone. Source unknown

Download free building plate in color (7 pages) to assemble this mill yourself! Creative Park

Print this color folding plate here. Creator unknown

Free print and fold it yourself! Carolina

Beadboard Kindergarten

Beadboard Kindergarten idea

Here you can assemble the virtual mill yourself: What does a mill do?

Built with K'Nex by Cristal

If you want to listen to the song “So goes the mill, the mill”, check out Nursery rhymes !

Great nice edible mill! So goes the mill, the mill. Design: Oh. My.Bento

Coloring page to download at Coloring pages and so on

Free coloring page to download at

Below the song: Daar bij die molen - Johnny Hoes and The Singer Without Name (source: nursery rhymes. Info ) So sing along! :)


Become a member and reward the creator and yourself!

Be equally proud of my husband...

Wooden model of a mill made by the man of Marijke

Shopping in the mill

A nice shop in the mill/Bijlenie

In the mill

Guided tour of the Wissinks Mill/Enschedekiektmee