National Outdoor Lesson Day - You will learn more outside!

A very good initiative of Jantje Beton and IVN Nature Education! The kids get on this National Lesson Day, the name says it all, outside of class! That natural daylight and outdoor air is good for children, we all know that. It is good for the children and of course it is super fun!

In 2019 National Outdoor Lesson Day falls on Tuesday 2 April. So hopefully it will be a bit nice and dry weather! Also nice is it, to immediately pavement crayons !

You can register as a school in advance if you are going to give at least 1 lesson outside. As a school you will receive the free Buitenlesbundle with fun outdoor lessons ideas and inspirations. So sign up via the registration form.

The text below is taken from the website National Lesson Day :

Teachers want to give more outdoor lessons

Teachers want to go out more often with their pupils because they expect outdoor lessons to have a positive effect on students' learning performance. By regularly offering regular training material in the open air, discovering, researching and learning children playfully and with much more pleasure. Unfortunately, teachers often lack space and outdoor teaching materials to teach outside. Jantje Beton and IVN Natuureducatie help schools by working together with teachers to stimulate outdoor lessons by organizing the National Buitenlesdag.

Outdoor lessons not only fun, but also good for development

That being outside is good for children is well known. By giving lessons outdoors, children are exposed to natural daylight and fresh outdoors. This contributes to less fatigue and a better mood, and may also have a positive effect on children's learning ability.

Buitenles offers space for challenging education

An outdoor lesson also offers opportunities for the teacher to give more challenging lessons. They are lessons where students sort things out themselves, work a lot together and use their bodies and senses while learning. Movement during learning is not only good for the physical health of children, but also has positive effects on cognitive processes.

Second edition National Outdoor Lesson Great Success

During the second edition of the Nationale Buitenlesdag in 2017, pupils at no less than 1500 schools throughout the Netherlands were taught outside of class. In 2018 we want to reach even more schools and enthusiasm to join. Sign up quickly and receive the new Buitenlesbundel full of elaborated lesson ideas and outdoor learning inspiration for free!

Here you will find four fun outdoor ideas to download.

New outdoor lessons wanted!
Do you have a nice outdoor idea? Share him with us! Teachers have a great need for inspiring outdoor ideas. That's why Jantje Beton and IVN Natuureducatie are looking for the best outdoor lessons for the subjects language, mathematics, cultural education, nature, geography and history. Do you have a nice lesson idea? Then fill this form and send it back filled. The best lesson ideas come in the new Buitenlesbundel.

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