As a child, looking through the window, I'd see a line where it seems the sky meets the earth, and I'd think that's just the end of the earth. That line is more apparent when you visit the beach and you discover the unobstructed edge where the ocean meets the sky in an uninterrupted line - the line called the HORIZON. The horizon looks beautiful from afar, I don't know if you've watched the sun go down to rest, it intersects that line and the edge looks more beautiful. I was glued to this Moana's song - "How far I'll go" and I'd think of the what seems to be the end of the earth, the horizon. We all know that geographically, it isn't true. There's no point where the sky meets the sea. The point that looks like the end is just the beginning of another incredible view of a continued 'horizon'. Just like Moana, I have asked myself the question as I grow up.. How far do I need to go, to reach my horizon? A horizon to me is like a flag, issuing a warning to be aware of troubling and difficult situations ahead. The horizon to us, is demanding a special attention to how we write the story of our lives. It is setting up the life stage where good things can happen. It helps us to choose our direction and then do the necessary work. The horizon is indeed an incredible view, but the uncertainties it brings are more real. "commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass". #nature #lessonsfromnature #beyondhorizons #stayfocused #staysafe