Packrafting - What Is It? :D


First, take a look at this compilation of videos and then tell me it does not seems exciting and outdoorsy!? 🤟 🔹

Packraft is a small inflatable boat, designed for wild water and one person for maximum adventure and fun on the river :D Does not ruin the fiver flora and fauna like the plastic ones and it's travel-friendly. Designed for you to become one with the river, and go with the flow haha, like me in the second video 😄

On this video, I'm on Zrmanja, Kaštel Žegarski, a small village in the Zadar region. #affiliatemarketing 
If you are an easy-going traveller, you can visit Muškovci for a nice river beach day on the waterfalls. No entry fee.

P.S water was perfect for the swim that day!

Scenciurosly Yours,
Child of Nature #Childofnature     

#croatia #zrmanja #packrafting
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