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Nature workday 2022

November 4 and 5: Doing something together for nature and climate on the Nature Working Day

This autumn, the whole of the Netherlands can participate again in the National Nature Day. On Friday, November 4 and Saturday, November 5, there will be nature jobs across the country that contribute to conservation and restoration, such as willow, knots, planting bulbs, building insect hotels, planting trees and many other activities.

Junior Nature Workday Outside is healthy! After great success last year, we are organizing the 2nd edition of the Nature Working Day Junior this year and invite students from the upper classes of primary schools to help out in nature on Friday, November 4.

Together with volunteers, the students focus on biodiversity in the neighborhood, by doing something for living space for the tree frog, a ring snake, a nesting place for birds, a characteristic row of club trees and much more. Outdoor class day Outdoor is good for children's development! This is evident from research by Agnes van den Berg. Nature invites children to move and encourages varied and creative playing behavior. The Nature Working Day has therefore developed a program for children and invites students to come outside, help and discover more about their own living environment.

The students: Get an outdoor class day near the school and experience what it's like to be outside together in nature.Participate in the largest volunteer campaign in the green and contribute to the maintenance of nature reserves and the quality of your own living environment.Learn about their immediate living environment and the plants, animals and people that live together in an ecosystem.Are active and healthy outside and learn to work safely.

You share. We pay.

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