Visitor Centre Dwingelerveld.

wild flowers

Het Dwingelderveld, I have already read many beautiful blog about it and now I had the chance to see it with my own eyes this summer. The visitor centre at Ruinen seemed like a good starting point. There is a large car park of which you can ride on the moors by bike. But first, a sanitary stop at the visitor center. Well that was a bit long stop, because the wild flower meadow and the fun primal playground for children sheltered so many butterflies, we were not tired of it for the time being.

Hummingbird Fritillary

Especially when there was a hummingbird butterfly flying around for a while we kept taking pictures. I would have liked to have walked into the field, but then I would have trampled so many flowers, I couldn't do that. So it was to have patience until the butterfly would come a little close. At least got him recognizable in the picture.

Nice garden.

Funny it was a huge bustle with the wild flowers. But there is also a beautiful garden with typical garden flowers. Other butterflies came at that.


At some point, the stomachs started to grunt a lot. From the picnic table we had a nice view of a group of sheep.


I find the play nature for the children so much fun and everything flutted around there too.

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