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Darkness (English)

Darkness (English)

Living in darkness is not always negative.
You take notice of the light better
Darkness shows you how beautiful the light is
Gives you hope
Suffering becomes magical
You show more gratitude
You become stronger
More positive
When darkness overwhelms you,
you have no other choice but to grow
You think it consumes you,
and then you notice your inner strength
The strength that was there all along
now forces you to see it
And you grow even stronger because of it
You embrace your divine self
You radiate with light
You no longer see the darkness
but instead see patches of light.

Your light.

~ Annelies Wetzelaer ~

Tijs Ven
Echt heel mooi, even stronger in english!
17-05-2018 22:00
17-05-2018 22:00 • Reageer
Een prachtige tekst!
01-05-2017 14:36
01-05-2017 14:36 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Annelies Wetzelaer
Dankjewel! :)
01-05-2017 16:27
01-05-2017 16:27 • Reageer
Jos Verelst
such nice words
23-04-2017 02:15
23-04-2017 02:15 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Annelies Wetzelaer
Thanks :)
23-04-2017 11:37
23-04-2017 11:37 • Reageer