Never the old normal again.

Never go back to what was. Continue to the new normal. No more fear of an overwhelming virus. No more distance, quarantine. Never let people die alone again. In a medicalized sterilized environment. Where you can press your nose against the window with a mouth cap to signal the last greeting through the glass. But a life in which we take to us the health that the earth itself produces to live. Experience all the colors of the world. To believe that the Creator has arranged the earth in such a way that it is enough to enjoy this life. The fear of COVID is actually our fear of dying. Or to let die. To face death. But in the new normal we are going to see that the Creator has a purpose even with death. That, in the end, it's a birth in a new life. We're afraid because we've become materialistic. Aircraft, cars, machines, overproduction, blue screens and the fight against disease, the fight against death. But in the new normal we can see that death is not the end, but a new beginning. Of course, preferably healthy and sound at the end of a completed life. But when we first, or again, surrender into the hands of the Creator, who is Love, Life and Light, death becomes a gateway to a new form of existence. To the existence that He intended. Our old normal consisted of running, fighting against meaninglessness, maximum use of minimal pieces of land. Mega halls, megacities, mega factories and mega productions. If the new could be normal now for us to live in the here and now. In the peace of creation. In the contacts with each other. Touching it. Getting close. Distances disappear. Between people, races, cultures. We find each other where we are, not where our property is. I can yearn for such a new normal with all my heart.

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