Today is a new day... dawn full of color, faith and hope... We are united hoping that this disease that invades, burdens and scares us will disappear... However we must feel the warmth of our angels accompanying us at every moment... giving us his immense love and guidance... I am sure that God as our father does not abandons... we are his ultimate creation and we will surely come out of this painful and overwhelming situation... don't be afraid... don't be afraid... just worry about the stockings to take... fulfill the... take care of your family and friends and ask with great faith the well-being for all... but the most important thing we must get out of this situation strengthened, more human, more ... to understand the other, in their faces, in their sorrows, to accompany them in a close way... humanity in the face of this crisis must grow and strengthen, not diminish and continue with faith... a happy day for all.

New Day