New hope for Pietje (72)

... a new source of hope...

What does the future look like?

Follow-up story Kalle and Pietje, part 72

After the visit of Kalle and Jolanda, Pietje is locked up in her cell. After such a pleasant visiting hour, which, frankly, passed like a hurricane, it's a hard time to be alone again.. The ancient feeling of loneliness cut rough through her soul.

But today something new is happening inside. The words of Jolanda feel like a new challenge, a new source of hope. That hope does her trust in God continue to grow.


Would she really be allowed to dream of a new future here in prison? Would she really have been placed here in view of this time? Just like Queen Esther in her time, as she recently read in the Bible ( Esther 4:14 )?

According to Jolanda and Kalle, she has to pray about it. And here in prison, of course, she has enough time and opportunity to do that..

A winter keyword - snowstorm - staat deze maand centraal in de 140 woorden uitdaging onder de bezielende leiding van @Dewaputra.


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