New Normal

What do you think of new normal?


At the beginning of this coronatijd, Prime Minister Rutte said it. Our world is changing. Keeping distance from each other - you know, the 1.5 meter rule - becomes warp and impact.

But what do you think? Do you share his opinion? Or are you more such a type of: 'This can't be true! This is what I hate and I'll let you know! '?

That's what my poem is about.

Poem 'New Normal'

Normal was once normal,

But that's an old story.

After all, in our new language

there is a new normal.

What are we supposed to think of this now?

Even among like-minded

is now a new normal to be found,

both among the sighted and the blind.

Distance belongs to new normal;

We all get that by now.

Speak that with a face made of steel

and you're finally doing new normal.


This poem fits in the 140 words challenge led by @Dewaputra of this month.

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