New Sci-Fi fantasy trilogy coming

Today I wrote the last letter of my first version of the third part of the trilogy “Sand and Steel”.
Since my mother's birthday is on June 25, I plan to publish the first part “Talenka”.

This is a Sci-Fi fantasy saga where the Earth has perished and our descendants end up on the planet Risan.

The book will therefore be published as a paperback and an Ebook at the end of June.

The blurb:

The Earthlings are heading for the planet Risan, their last chance of survival.
Their arrival has been predicted by the Beran'tha, the magicians from the burning sand, but the high king Garvon of Karan considers them inferior and ignores their prophecy. He sees his mistake too late.
When the young Beran'tha Talenka becomes queen, she acts differently. She comes up with a plan to save her people from a gruesome fate. Will her magic be strong enough to stop the enemy's destructive technology?