New virus pops up: Doula — Birth coach

The virus affects only wealthy Yuppies who have too much money. The virus won't make you sick, just permanent brain damage. Doula's — birth coaches — provide emotionally assistance to women in childbirth, but in practice they also interfere with the medical side. That leads to trouble, say obstetricians and gynecologists. A doula provides emotional support before, during and after delivery, but also interferes with the medical side. Doulas are not medically trained.

Doulas are coaches, mostly women, who support people emotionally before and after childbirth. Doulas are not medically trained and are therefore not allowed to intervene medically in childbirth. But they do, for example by discussing with the obstetrician about postponing interventions such as cesarean section or going to the hospital. According to midwives, this does not benefit the provision of care. Although the medical professional is ultimately responsible, a doula can influence the choices of the pregnant.

Anyone can call themselves a doula; the profession is not protected. There is a professional association: the Dutch Association for Doula's (NBvD), which recognizes three Dutch doula courses. A course usually has only a few days of classes and has some 'internships'. In these internships, the student does the work of a doula for a reduced rate, but does not participate in an experienced doula. There are also doulas with only an online diploma, or without any education.

A doula is not reimbursed by insurers in the Netherlands and costs between 700 and 1,900 euros. For that money they usually get three appointments of one and a half hours in advance, counseling during childbirth and another appointment afterwards. Some doulas also offer additional services, such as photo reportage of childbirth or preparation of placental moothia. In addition, a few pieces of the afterbirth are frozen and mixed with a smoothie. An alternative is to have the placenta processed into pills, which the woman swallows for several weeks. Some people think that you get energy from it and that it balances the hormone level.

It may cost some, 1,400 euros, but “a professional photographer will soon cost 1,200 euros”, says Lansbergen. “I wanted someone to be there to support me and my husband. When you're giving birth, you're mostly focused on yourself. II liked the fact that there was someone my husband could ask anything to.”

She didn't regret her choice. Because of complications in her home birth, she had to go to the hospital anyway. “The doula went along in the ambulance andMy husband went after it with the car. In the hospital, we were at the mercy of strangers, our midwife was relieved by a clinical obstetrician. Then it was very nice that someone was there who knew us and our wishes.”

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