"This is a story about secret, unspeakable and unconditional Love" - continued the Oak tree story - "and the grand finale is all about a balance between harmony and chaos. It's simple - a reunion in one place and a grand gathering of a kind and benevolent souls will provide cosmic balance, a counterbalance to the chaos only by being together in joy and happiness, celebrating the truth of the Latin phrase Amor Vincit Omnia." - said the Oak tree, almost like introduction in New World Grand Finale.

"To tell a tale, firstly You have to know, it's a special family of Time Masters, they are time travelers. But, the timeline went too far without Hope remembering who she is, who is her family, who are her friends, what is true love and what's made of, where magic lives, and how to be joyful after death - Hope now remembers, but they are still sleeping. Hope knows and believes in the souls of the family to be there to help her balance between darkness and light. She needed them to gather and be together, but they need to be woken up first! They all know each other from their past lives where they lived in harmony with nature and community" - continued the Oak tree.

"Hope is Home on Lemons' chest, and still needs the Chart, her beloved angel to protect her. Despite all troubles they had, they do not give up on each other, they are dancing again slowly trying to find a balance between cricket and the ant - between Service and Dreams. Hope was a time traveler that runs fast forward in the future, yet still runs late into the present moment to bring Chart back to reality by herself. Lemon is unaware that he is Hope's One in many true loves." - said the Oak tree, continuing about the powers the family has.

"Sageman is a shaman, the most powerful mage of light magic on Earth that receives a series of synchronicities that lead him to Hope, Lemon and Chart. He has the powers like Hope - clairvoyance, telekinesis, telepathy - he's Hope's beloved Dumbledore and mentor. He has collective powers also - the ring that sets the heart of collective to the justice, and his influence neutralizes collective energies. He does not need a weapon because in his eyes are stored hope, faith, and love, his eyes tell the tale. He'll find out his mentors are alive and ready to be the greatest New World Shamans, Healers, and Sagemans together! Since Twins are compromised, he has their powers too - opening portals, not only to new and other dimensions but teleporting on Earth by his command. Instead of greed and shame, he feels Hope and Gratitude, finally understanding why things play out as they did.

During the adventurous journey, Hope discovers one ancestor who always has been with her, believing in her and Lemons'(Charts) true love. Mother of all Mothers - Gratitude. She could find a safe spot on Earth in Daisys' kind soul, only if Daisy is not afraid of the lesson - black magic is the pain we deposit in the name of Love. Instead of fear, Daisy feels mercy and the Creators' Love and Hope's love for her. For years, Daisy is the Dowe of Hope's soul and the soul gatekeeper of Hope's gatekeeper. Also, there's another member of the family, the Doctor and Lady Bug Friend From Dreams. If Hope did not manage to connect with the Gratitude enough, Doctor is the last hope for their true love! Hope needs Service, in order to become Art because living on Earth, she finds out that dreaming is the only free thing you can do in this lifetime. Hope dreams paradise, Hope dreams snow and innocence, she dreams big for everybody and needs help to ground it." - finished story the Oak tree.


New World Challenge Grand Finale - Family Reunion, Powers, Dreams and Trust