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Getting back your joy; fighting back from defeated position can really
This article is about lost happiness due to psychological problems, for example. And about regaining that happiness through therapy and Christian faith. It is a personal story, in which I also draw attention to some articles by my fellow Yoorsians. Introduction: the void in your life - Very many people somehow experience a void in their lives. Not always and everywhere, but occasionally, in a certain situation. This is often referred to as “psychological problems”. And I must say, often that is a good explanation. But yes, of course, you don't have a solution yet. Here at Yoors we write very frankly about one's own personal problems and circumstances. Personally, at that point I do a little bit in the bag once in a while. Personal Background - Looking back on my own life so far, I have to admit that it has not always been rose smell and moonshine. The moves in my early childhood did not have a positive impact on my life. With me this was expressed in my decision to live my life solo. But yes, that was supposedly against my genes, because deep down I desire relationships. And there came the emptiness around the corner. Elsewhere I already wrote about the car accident , which I survived in the summer of 1987. In a situation where I was not used to talking about my feelings and/or to give my feeling space, the problem became really insurmountable. After all, the best way to deal with a traumatic experience — like this accident — is to talk about it. And that didn't work out... Psychotherapeutic mill - The problems I encountered — despite the new contacts I had — led to self-chosen loneliness, increasing alcohol consumption and even suicidal thoughts. Happiness is absolutely far to be found in such a situation. That's why I ended up in the psychotherapeutic mill. Initially, these were individual conversations with different therapists. Later this was followed by “internal, group therapy”. This was both verbal and non-verbal form. Although I have been seriously since childhood was looking for the Shepherd, for God and I am not directly in favour of such therapies on that basis, I must say that I have experienced during this period that this can help people. At least it had a positive effect on me. It gave me a foundation of self-confidence, which I can build on for the rest of my life. At some point it seemed that I was defeated and that my faith was worth nothing at all. But the therapy was a method of fighting back and regaining a sense of life. And what is most beautiful of all: it is precisely during this period that I experienced how close God was. In themselves small signals — an unexpected map of a choir member or colleague, conversations with the reverend, some reactions from “therapists” — ultimately had a big influence. It was the signals that allowed me to cope with and endure the difficult moments in therapy. So I emerged strong — grown — from an intensive period. GROWING (... a poem, a song...) - I experienced that growth during a cycling holiday through the Netherlands and expressed in the following poem. Just as in the Bible book Esther God is not explicitly mentioned in this poem. But His presence in my life was the source from which this originated. Growing is also a beautiful aspect of the development of faith life. There are sometimes days in life that you feel that anything can and can. You just have to give yourself something to others and it's gonna be a great day. Man in you suddenly wakes up and you're thinking, “Is it me sitting here?” It's such a day when everything for the baker comes and where there is pit in it. You feel yourself growing on such a day, You can take your whole life again. You know you're really going to bloom; Nobody does anything about that anymore. Very unexpected, but also fantastic and you'll be on it for days. Enjoying can and may; it is not illogical: Your questions have been answered. You feel yourself growing on such a day, You can take your whole life again. You know you're really going to bloom; Nobody does anything about that anymore. You know you're really going to bloom; No one's gonna do anything about that anymore. The joy is there; but is this all? - And then? Are you there when you feel this joy? If the victory over the negative feelings and thoughts is inside, are all the worries and fears over? Has the chain of problems from your past with the figuresaw been permanently sawed and removed? Or do you still have to deal with a backlash? My experience is that a weak spot that you — consciously or unconsciously — have ever developed in your life will in principle remain a weak spot for life. It is the weakest link in the beautiful necklace, or the strongest link in the chain with which you were held prisoner. And that's why more is needed. More love, more power , more of God in your life. That's where I have been in recent years - since my repentance - get my joy away. And that is why I would like to help others to look with open eyes at the Way out of the problems I have had over the last few years. Real joy comes from above - It is the way of and with God. Not a distant God — as many people think — but a God who is close. Yes, I regularly experience that God is very close to me. A personal relationship with a God Who lives and gives life is what I experience in my life. And that makes me so happy that I would like to give it to others. That's why I love to write on this subject. So if you are currently in psychic distress , then I want you to know there's a solution. Of course, that therapy can help you out of your depths (provided you work hard enough on it yourself). But in the end, the Only One Who can really and definitively help you — no matter how you look at it (and I fully respect that) — is the Creator of everything around us: the God described in the Bible as Creator, Healer and Liberator. Through His Holy Spirit we may experience true joy. More blogs from Flying Eagle - The loveless love in the life of Jolanda - If a child is bullied, there is a psychological distress - What does conversion bring about in a man's life? - Trust God is cooperation - More Christian poems... - Search for the Shepherd (Testimony of God's presence) - Anxiety and depression are violent - Can I be who I am, the way I feel? - What does conversion bring about in a man's life? - #blijheid #christelijkgedicht #depressief #christenzijn Do you want to respond and/or co-write, - but aren't you a member of Yoors yet? Then sign up here... logon
Step by step, animals get rights
Animals should be recognized as sentient beings. Animals should no longer be adapted to the system but adapt the system to the animals. Breakthrough: Animals better protected by law thanks to proposals Party for Animals - Three fundamental amendments Act Animals adopted - Party for Animals - It is no longer permitted to hurt or cause injury to an animal, or to harm the health or welfare of the animal in order to accommodate the animal in a certain way. Specifically, it means that it is forbidden to dehorn calves and goats and that there are no interventions in roosters.. Tail docking is prohibited from 2023, ducks must be given bathing water and rabbits must be able to dig. Animals are formally recognized as sentient creatures in British law. Animals should be formally recognized for the first time as sentiments in British law, in a victory for animal welfare activists, as the government has drafted a series of animal welfare measures, including the cessation of most live animal exports and prohibiting the import of hunting trophies. Today 14 May we start with a new action for the fish: for ten weeks we present our 10-point Fish Manifesto for better fish well-being. On Friday Fishing Day, the MPs involved in fishing and animal welfare receive a new point every week, with which they can get to work to improve fish welfare. This action is conducted together with Animal Protection, Fish Protection, Sea First and the Animal Coalition. More campaigns High production at the expense of animal welfare. In our country, we “produce” about 500 million animals every year under horrible conditions. Factory animals are propagated, fattened and processed. 1.7 million animals are slaughtered every day in the Netherlands. This is what we call the livestock industry. The livestock industry is also called intensive livestock farming or (formerly) bio-industry. Animals are kept close to each other in stables and often on a large scale. Saves on everything: space, feed, labour, etc.. This is at the expense of animal welfare. Animals suffer in the livestock industry because they have to produce or grow as much as possible in a short period of time. What is the livestock industry? | Wakker Dier - Organic livestock In organic livestock breeding, the welfare of the animals is better regulated. For example, organically kept animals have more space and are allowed to go outside. Many unpleasant interventions such as the removal of tails in piglets are prohibited. In addition, antibiotics are rarely used. Animal Welfare - Biodiversity - Farmerland - Blog collection -