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Story: The Rebels of The Bloodlands (fanfiction) DEEL 13 (final part)

Story: The Rebels of The Bloodlands (fanfiction) DEEL 13 (final part)


Hoi allemaal welkom op mijn blog! Ik heb besloten om één van mijn favoriete verhalen die ik ooit heb geschreven online te zetten.

Dit zal ik doen door elke dag weer een stukje toe te voegen aan deze pagina . Dus mocht je het leuk vinden om het lezen, vergeet dit blog dan niet te volgen.
Wel moet ik zeggen dat het een oud verhaal is en in het Engels dus verwacht niet een "Stephen King style" Engels :P Ik ben nou eenmaal in NL geboren, maar ik doe mijn best!

Het verhaal heb ik een aantal jaren geleden geschreven en is gebaseerd op de games Suikoden en Wartune, vandaar dat ik het nooit echt naar buiten heb gebracht. Maar als een hobby heb ik dus besloten om dit toch eens te doen, Ik zou het zonde vinden om het niet te delen.

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Chapter 14

Forest of Doom, Rebels Headquarters 06:00 pm

“Shu?” Nanami woke up with the feeling a chariot had run over her and opened her eyes to find Zhalia’s face above her. “Zhal?” she groaned softly as she sat up a bit. “What’s going on…” Nanami was confused, she had no idea where she was at that time, but taking a better look at her surroundings she noticed it was her own room. There was a vase with roses on her nightstand. Nanami smiled as she looked back over to Zhalia. “How long have I been out?” she asked softly and Zhalia smiled. “Only a week…” Nanami’s eyes widened in shock. “A week?!” she cried out and Zhalia looked up as if it was the most normal thing in the world. “Those are the side effects of the potion, I finished them…” Nanami sighed. “You died in the final battle…” Nanami rose her hand. “I know… Just please don’t remind me…” Now Zhalia looked up curious. “You know?” she sat down next to Nanami on the bed. “I spoke to Shu… he came to get me… showed me… stuff…” –
“What kind of stuff…?” Zhalia asked. “I… don’t wanna talk about it… Just not right now… Ans? Is he…” Zhalia didn’t respond instead she looked down, giving Nanami a frightening feeling.

Answer sat as usual on the rooftop of the castle. Nanami wanted to see him first before she would go to the others, so she asked Zhalia to keep it quiet a little longer. She walked up to the roof and closed the door behind her. “I thought I told you people to leave me the hell alone?!” Answer yelled angry as he wanted to grab his bow and turned around. His eyes grew bigger when he saw Nanami standing in front of the door. In his heart he felt the happiness to see her standing there but his guilt had caused a hole in his echo so he did not show. “Hey…” Nanami said softly but Answer didn’t react. Without a word she walked over to him and threw her arms around his neck, pulling him into a strong hug. Answer rested his head on top of hers for a moment before he brought his hands up to her arms and freed him from her hug. He stood there in silence, not knowing what to say. “You’re here…” the woman said through her tears. But Answer remained silent. “What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy to see me?” she all of a sudden ask sadly when she noticed the look on his face. It had no color just cold and without any emotions written over it. “I’m leaving…” he said ashamed and looked around. “What? Leaving to where?” Answer looked away but Nanami grabbed his arm. “Ans? What’s going on?” her other hand went up to his face but he brought his hand on hers and gently pulled it away from his face before he kissed it. “I can’t stay… I won’t do any good.” Now Nanami felt anger rise inside of her. How could he say that? He couldn’t just leave! She came back for him. “Why? Answer tell me!!” Nanami panicked. “Because I can’t protect you any longer… I’ve tried… god I’ve tried so hard… But all I did was getting ourselves killed…” Nanami grabbed his arm again. “That’s not true, you saved me, you caught those arrows for me! That’s something you don’t just do for anybody!” He pulled his arm back again. “My job is done here.” Nanami’s heart began to beat faster and before she knew her emotions had taken over and she slapped him in the face. “You can’t just ask me to marry you and then just leave cuz things didn’t work out the way you planned!!” She yelled angry. “I’m sorry…” Answer stepped back as he walked away. “I’m still here!” she yelled frustrated but he had already closed the door behind him. She didn’t have the strength to go after him now and fell on one knee.

The door went open again and for a moment Nanami thought that Answer had changed his mind and came back but when she looked over her shoulder she saw Flik appear in the doorway. “Nanami…” Flik said and ran over to her as he knelt down beside her and helped her back on her feet. “What are you doing here?” He wanted to know. “I came to see Answer…” Flik looked around them. “Where is he?” Nanami shook her head. “He left…” Flik helped her up but for a moment Nanami lost her balance and he caught her. Looking him in the eyes she kept quiet for a moment, remembering what Shu had showed her. “She would’ve been proud of you… you know that…” Flik frowned. “Who?”

Nanami looked over to his blade and let her finger slide down the weapon he had named Odessa. “How you know about her?” He asked shocked as he looked back at her. Nanami smiled. “It doesn’t matter…” Flik looked at her in silence. “Thank you…” He said friendly, but still a bit confused. “Let’s go downstairs… There’s a bunch of people dying to see you back on your feet again…” Nanami looked down… “Do I have to?” She didn’t feel like celebrating anything right now… Not without Answer. “Yes you do… Answer will be back… I’m sure… I know I would be…” Flik smiled at Nanami as he gave her an arm to lean on.

The gathering hall was full of people. Nanami had seen so many familiar faces and she was happy to now know they were all doing well. As soon as she and Flik entered the hall an applause could be heard as the crowd cheered for their leader. Jonoh looked up surprised as he noticed Flik besides Nanami instead of Answer.

Mahmudah leaned over to Jonoh. “Did she exchange Answer for Blueboy now?” Jonoh frowned. “Where is Ans anyways?” Mahmudah shrugged her shoulders.

Flik lifted Nanami up from the ground and brought her over to the throne. The young woman smiled and looked over to the crowd. “I just… Want to thank everyone for fighting this war with us. It’s been a long time coming but we managed to succeed in this war, Littsnow is dead and for that I would like to call out a celebration tonight… Also in the honor of the people who didn’t make it but fought with us… Everyone is invited to share the victory. The crowd went crazy, people cheering everywhere even in Edena village it could be heard.

Forest of Doom, Edena village 07:30 pm

Answer sat at the bar and ordered a drink. Hearing the cheers who probably came from the castle, he felt delighted that to see her alive… But his heart and his pride were broken. How could he fail like that. Next to him someone joined at the bar. At first Answer didn’t notice but then as he heard the other man speak to him he looked up.

“Shouldn’t you be celebrating the victory?” Answer only responded with a groan. “I could ask you the same thing.” The person who turned out to be Jowy, grinned. “I’ve seen enough war and victories. The thing is… Shouldn’t you be by your woman’s side in a moment like this?” Answer slammed the drink back and swallowed it at once.

“I’m leaving…” he mumbled under his breath. “Leaving?” This time Jowy also slammed his drink back. He should’ve been happy to hear Answer say that, so he wouldn’t be in the way any longer, but he also knew that if he would actually leave, Nanami would never be happy, and that was the last thing he wanted for her. This was a battle he had already lost anyway. “What makes you say that?” Jowy wanted to know. “I failed during our last mission. “Failed? You killed Littsnow didn’t you? It wasn’t Nanami for sure… She doesn’t have the skills to use a sword like that? I mean don’t get me wrong, she’s a great fighter just the whole blade thing isn’t really her style…” Jowy’s words surprisingly made Answer laugh from the inside. He was right, Nanami wasn’t a skilled sword fighter. “The arrow thing was just bad luck, that’s all…” Answer looked over to him in silence. He really knew her well. “But you managed to protect her till the end and caught the arrow before her… We found the shield on her.” The thing that made Answer curious was the way Jowy spoke to him. What had happened to the ‘I’m back and I won’t go away anymore’ thing. “Look man… Don’t make the same mistake as I did… Don’t leave her…” Answer growled softly. “Look I can’t go back… I can’t show myself around there anymore after all this…” Jowy remained silent.

“For god sake man, put your pride aside for a change already and go to her! Or you want to be remembered as a coward? I thought that wasn’t your style! I didn’t expect to hear myself say this to you but, you’re a hero man, you killed the mad king and died trying to protect the woman you love, cuz you love her right? If not, I’d be willing to go there myself and give her the love she deserves. I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve lost this battle, not anymore…And neither should you. As a friend I’m telling you; don’t make the same mistake as I did… Cuz if you really love her, and you will walk away now… You will regret it for the rest of your life…” Jowy got back up and patted his shoulder. “You’re not my friend…” Answer mumbled and Jowy grinned. “I know… But I know I’m right…And so do you.” He said as he turned around and walked away.

Forest of Doom, Rebels Headquarters 08:15 pm

“Do you want me to fix your hair?” Zhalia asked but Nanami shook her head. “I’m not so much in the mood to look pretty tonight…Or to even celebrate…” She said as she stood in front of the window. Zhalia sat down on the bed and looked down sadly. “So he just left?” Nanami nodded as she heard her friend’s question. “He just left…” she repeated and sighed deeply. “Nani, let’s just enjoy tonight please? War is over… at least you deserve to feel happy about it… Let me ask Flik to escort you to the dance?” Nanami grinned, “I’m not even strong enough to stand on my own legs right now, how am I supposed to be able to dance?” Zhalia titled her head to the side. “Jowy will be there tonight?” she tried but still Nanami didn’t change her mind. “Jonny?” Nanami carefully looked over to Zhalia who blinked her eyes like a little puppy, which made Nanami giggle. “I’ll think about it…” she said and smiled a bit. “Alright, I’ll go downstairs to see if things are going as planned.” Nanami nodded as she watched Zhalia leave the room. She sighed as she sat down at the window.

Staring out of the window she could feel her eyes burn again. Nanami swallowed her emotions away. She wondered where he would go to… Was he perhaps going back to Muse city again? Or maybe… God knows where he would be by now…

Last thing she expected was for him to be standing at her door. “I’m sorry…” Nanami abruptly turned around when she heard his voice. She stayed at the window, holding on to the wall as she looked at him. He was really there… They both stood there in silence, looking at each other for a moment before Answer stepped towards her. Nanami let go of the wall and also came his way. She let herself fall into his arms as she reached him and held him close to her. “Don’t ever do that again…” Nanami begged him. Answer didn’t say anything only held her close. He kissed her head and moved his lips to hers. “Are you ready to celebrate our victory?” He asked close to her lips and Nanami smiled. “With you I’m more ready than ever…” she said back to him. “What changed your mind?” Nanami wanted to know. “Someone did…” He replied, as he led her out of the room…

Forest of Doom, Rebels Headquarters, Ballroom 08:27 pm

Downstairs everyone had come together at last. They looked up as they saw Nanami, led by Answer walk down the stairs. Zhalia’s jaw dropped as she noticed he had returned after all. Jowy who knew Answer wouldn’t let that chance slip away, had a satisfied smile on his lips.

“Nanami, there’s someone here to see you…” Apple said as she stepped aside making room for a well-known person to enter the circle. Nanami’s hands went in front of her face as she saw her Brother Riou step out of the crowd. Answer didn’t understand at first but when he saw the look on his lady’s face he couldn’t help but to smile himself. “Riou…” Nanami said as she walked towards him. He was accompanied by two more people. “Welcome back Tir, Gremio…” Viktor said and hugged his old master. “It’s good to see you again after all these years…” The old leader smiled and nodded. “Like wise Viktor,” Tir replied. “May I congratulate you my lady, with victory… You all have done a fabulous job out there. And I would like to offer you my assistance in case you may need it someday…” Nanami smiled and let go of her brother. “That’s very generous of you Lord McDohl, I have heard a lot about you, and I would gladly accept your offer. And thank you for coming.” Nanami said, she hadn’t felt happy like this in a very long time.

“I’m proud of you sis… I just hoped I would’ve known… I would’ve known sooner of your presence…” Jowy walked to them and hugged Riou as well. “Good to see you again Riou… It’s been a while…” He said friendly and Riou smiled. “Jowy,” Riou answered with a nod. Nanami pulled Answer over to her and introduced him to her brother and his companions. “This is Answer… My fiancé.” She said with a smile as they shook hands. Answer’s eyes went to Jowy for a moment, who gave him a quick nod before he walked away…

Zhalia appeared once more and had someone with her also. Nanami looked at the women and couldn’t help but to think she had seen the woman before. She walked closer to her and took a better look at her. Nanami shocked and looked at Zhalia when she noticed who it was. The others joined her too. “Zhal? Is that…?” Zhalia nodded her head. “Yes Nan, it is… But things are different now…” Nanami didn’t know what to think when she saw the woman who appeared to be Amateur. “She was cursed and I freed her from it. Now I know it’s hard to believe, but thanks to her you and Answer are still alive.” Zhalia said softly, almost whispering. “She helped me brew the potion that brought you two back to life.” Nanami looked at the woman but thought it was too early to thank her for that. “I understand how you feel about me… and I’m truly sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused… I do not expect you to forgive me… Only to ask you to give me one more chance to prove that I’m a different person now… I’m no longer spellbound. But I can offer you my services as Zhalia’s assistant. She saved me and I would like to do something in return…” Nanami narrowed her eyes as she looked at the others. “Keep an eye on her… I don’t trust you at all… But I do trust Zhalia with my life… But one mistake, and you’re out…” Nanami said as she turned around and walked back to the others. It was time to start the celebration. The moment they all had been aiming for and the time was finally there, to live in peace… Just for the moment…

The end

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