Story: The Rebels of The Bloodlands (fanfiction) DEEL 3

Story: The Rebels of The Bloodlands (fanfiction) DEEL 3


Hoi allemaal welkom op mijn blog! Ik heb besloten om één van mijn favoriete verhalen die ik ooit heb geschreven online te zetten.

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Chapter 3

{Part 3.}{ 18.07.15}

Forest of Doom, Rebels Headquarters 09:30 am

The next morning footsteps could be heard through the empty hallways of the castle. Answer decided to go see Jowy in person and find out what he was really up to. He didn’t sleep all night and he sure as hell didn’t trust the guy and Answer couldn’t help but to feel like he had met him before.

He was about to enter the gathering hall, when all of a sudden he heard a familiar voice speak. Answer quickly retreated and hid himself behind the wall. He slowly looked around the corner, finding Jowy talk with one of his men. “Littsnow has been on killing spree again, my Lord. He plundered Olympus last night and there’s nothing left of the city…” Answer’s eyes widened in shock after hearing the man’s words. He held his breath and carefully continued to listen to what the two were discussing. Jowy slightly nodded his head. This all sounded so familiar to him. He closed his eyes as his thoughts drifted off to the past, those old days, when he was fighting alongside Highland. This Littsnow guy awfully sounded just like Luca Blight in those days. “I will send out a patrol team to search for any survivors,” Jowy said. Answer narrowed his eyes as his head began to feel really heavy on his shoulders. A horrible headache came up, almost knocking him off his feet and he couldn’t help but to grab his head with both hands.

Flashes of pictures went through his head, a city under attack, screaming people all over the place. Answer snapped out of his thoughts as a loud bang of a door could be heard. The man looked up as sweat drops rolled down from the sides of his face. The informant had left the room, giving Answer the perfect opportunity to speak to Jowy in private.

Jowy looked up as he saw Answer appear in the doorway. “Can I help you?” Jowy asked surprised as he saw the strange look on Answer’s face. “Answer, isn’t it?” The one that’s called the Mistress’ protector?” Answer didn’t response, He just stood there, observing Jowy, Who gave him the feeling he was making fun of him. “Why did you come back?” Answer simply asked. “Now I don’t really think that’s your business… But I believe you do know I’m here to help,.” Jowy replied coldly and rose a brow. He had no idea what this man wanted. He walked over to the table, not saying another word, which only frustrated Answer more. He clenched his fists as he watched Jowy standing there with his back towards him. The look on his face changed from cold to anger but he remained silent. “Everything that’s making Nanami feel bad is my concern..” His voice sounded icy and cold, for hatred came across it. “Why don’t you just concentrate on your job then which is protecting the mistress and let me handle the real stuff,” Jowy said but didn’t look up, he just focused on the map that was lying in front of him on the table. “Protecting her from people like you!” Answer said all of a sudden, he had no idea where this was coming from but there must’ve been a reason why his conscious was reacting like that. Jowy looked up and tilted his head a bit to the side. Now he got curious. “Is this about the job? Or is this something personal?” Jowy’s voice sounded somewhat sarcastic, which made something snap inside of him.


A short silence appeared and Answer took a few steps more towards Jowy. He needed to take a look at him a little closer. He was so close to remembering, he couldn’t miss out on that. “Maybe you were once important to her, But that’s all in the past now. Now it’s my job to protect her and give her the future you walked away from, a long time ago,” Answer said, his eyes following every move of Jowy’s, who chuckled sarcastically. “So it is something personal…” He said as his voice trailed off. This time the expression on Jowy’s face changed to anger. “She will never love you the way she loved me… Nanami deserves someone special, you’re just a bodyguard to her and it will always stay that way. It won’t take long until you will find her back in my arms… The man she truly loves and always has loved,” Jowy moved closer to Answer and looked him threatening in the eyes. “I’m back… And I’m not going away anymore… so get used to it soldier…” Those words overflew the bucket and before Jowy could say another word, Answer had already grabbed the collar of his shirt and threw him over the table. Both men raised their fists and started punching each other. The table broke and they both rolled over the floor. Jowy climbed on top of Answer and punched him in the face. Answer who was trying to throw him off of him and release himself from Jowy’s grip, finally managed to do so. A third pair of footsteps could be heard from the hallway.

Nanami had been looking for Answer ever since she left the rose garden last night but didn’t succeed to find him. And right now he wasn’t in his room either, so she figured he would probably be on the rooftop again. Knowing Answer liked to get some rest up there. She could hear men yelling, groaning and growling and looked up surprised. Nanami noticed the sounds were coming from the gathering room which wouldn’t mean anything good. She stared fastening her pace and made her way over to the place.

With Answer on top again he was about to strike the final blow, until he saw the look on Jowy’s face. He knew that look… He had seen it once before… A long time ago; Muse City… The place where he was born. The night when his family was killed by the hands of the ruthless Luca Blight and his Highlander dogs. And this man… Jowy Atreides who killed their Major Lady Anabelle after they successfully managed to defend the city. He now remembered it all. The look on his parents faces… His baby brother…

“It was you…” This time Answer’s voice sounded threatening. He quickly grabbed a knife from his pocket and pushed it up against Jowy’s throat. “Murderer…” Answer hissed.
“What are you talking about!? Get off of me man!” Jowy cried out as his fear started to grow on him. Jowy tried to release himself from Answer’s grip, but he was too strong.

“You were there the night my family was killed. I remember it now…You are the one responsible for the Highlander Invasion into Muse City ten years ago! Lady Anabelle’s death. They blamed the mercenaries for her death. But it was you who did it!” The sharp knife Answer was holding against Jowy’s throat was now causing a small blood drop coming out of it. “The Highland attack on Muse City!!” Answer repeated shouting.

Nanami’s heart skipped a beat as she stood there in shock, seeing the two most important people in her life attack each other. Answer’s words confused her a lot. What did he know about Muse City? How did he know? Nanami slightly panicked. She wondered if Answer knew it was her and her brother who let Jowy run off after he fatally wounded Lady Anabelle. For years Nanami had been trying to forgot those awful memories, but now everything came back to her. “Answer stop!!” She cried out worried as she saw him pushing the knife to Jowy’s throat even harder. Nanami’s heart began to race faster. “They killed my family in front of my own eyes! And there was nothing I could do about it! And you…… You were just standing there, watching them die by the hands of your KING!” Answer hissed as he looked down on Jowy who was lying there, no chance of escaping him now. Nanami stood there, her thoughts drifting away as he spoke. She snapped out of it when she heard Jowy groan softly. “Answer stop!!” Nanami begged as she woke up from her trance. “He killed my family Nan!!” Answer yelled angry, there was a mix of emotions in his face and attitude, anger, sadness, loneliness… Nanami could tell there were tears, appearing in his green eyes, she could not stop herself from watering her eyes as well. She had never seen him this vulnerable, “Please don’t…” She said softly. “How could you protect a monster like that…” Answer didn’t understand, how could she? “You’re right...” Jowy said all of a sudden.
“I am a bad person… I did this to you and your family… And I can’t take it back ever…”
“Shut up!” Answer yelled, pulling Jowy up a bit.
“So just go on… Kill me… For I deserve it…” Jowy closed his eyes and Answer gritted his teeth as he stood there, shaking from anger. A short silence appeared and Answer decided to let go of Jowy roughly and stepped away from him. “I hope you’ll rot in hell Atreides…” Were his last words before he left the room. Nanami’s knees were shaking as well. While watching Answer leave she slightly shook her head at Jowy and left the room too without saying a word. Jowy gasped for breath and cleaned the blood coming from the small scratch in his neck. He then hit his fists on the table and hid his face in his hands.

Forest of Doom, Rebels Headquarters 09:45 am

“Answer wait!” Nanami called out as she followed him through the hallway. “Where are you going?” Nanami panicked as she spoke, but Answer didn’t respond. “Wait! Please… Let me explain?” She said, hoping he would just stop and turn around. “I’m leaving… There’s no way I will stay with him in this place,” Nanami got scared hearing his words, she didn’t want him to leave. She didn’t know what to do with Answer gone. “Answer please?” Nanami reached out to grab his hand and pulled him back to her, almost making her lose her balance. “Don’t leave me…” Those words broke his heart, he may looked like a cold person from the outside, or at least his attitude showed it off, but when it came to Nanami… One look of hurt in her eyes already turned his stomach upside down. Answer calmed down a bit and let out a soft sigh as he turned to face her.

“I need you…” Nanami whispered softly and pulled him closer to her. Answer couldn’t do anything but to close his eyes as he enjoyed the closeness between them. “You don’t understand…” He said softly and pulled back from the hug a little. “I want to understand… But I need you to let me in…” Nanami whispered. She wanted to help him, she just felt useless being like this, Because she really did care about him. But it was so hard to break through those stonewalls he had built around him. Answer sighed softly and moved his hands down along her slender arms until they reached Nanami’s hands. “Come with me…” He said softly, and held on to her hands. He was going to take her to Muse City. It was time to open up to her, if he didn’t want to lose her.

Chapter 4

City State of Jowston, Muse City 08:30 pm

Night had already fallen when Answer and Nanami reached the gates of the completely abandoned city. Nanami swallowed when they stopped in front of the broken gates. It had been such a long time since the Highlander invasion. Answer could still hear the voices of the lost souls, whispering in his ears. Muse City had become nothing more than a Ghost town now.

They got off of their horses and started walking through the gates. Without saying a word, Nanami simply followed Answer and waited for the moment he would start talking again. Nanami wondered how it was even possible that after ten years, this place still smelled like Death. It surely made a shiver run down her spine. She looked up when Answer stopped in front of a small house, It looked so cute, yet, It showed there was a lot of history behind those walls.

“This is it…” Answer said softly. “The place I once called home…” Nanami didn’t respond, She could tell he was having a hard time to not show any emotions. It was a miracle the place was still standing after all that had happened in the past. She followed him inside and looked around the place who looked like a living room. Nanami noticed the picture on the wall and took it off carefully. She looked at it and smiled softly. “Is that you?” The young woman asked, showing Answer the picture. He couldn’t help but to smile himself, when he saw the family portrait. “Yeah that’s me… My brother… Parents…” he said softly, and sighed deeply as he stood behind Nanami looking at the picture from over her shoulder. “You know… We didn’t have much… But we were a happy family…” Nanami smiled and turned around to face him. She figured out she was slowly getting to know the ‘real’ Answer and she felt thankful to him for letting her in. She held on to the frame and gently pushed it into his hands.
“You should take it with you… They deserve to be remembered… And I’m sure they’re here right now… Watching over you…” Answer listened to what Nanami had to say and looked down in silence. He held the picture close to him, knowing that she was right about that.

“Thank you… For coming with me…” He said softly and looked down on Nanami. Their eyes locked with one another as they stood there in silence. Nanami had a hard time fighting the chemistry that was clearly between them for the longest time. It was him she wanted secretly all along… She reached out her hand to his face and caressed it gently. The silence surrounding them seemed to be bringing them closer to each other. She had no idea what was happening but the attraction was so strong that she couldn’t stop herself from kissing him any moment now. As their lips almost locked with each other, light footsteps could be heard upstairs. Both Nanami and Answer got roughly ripped out of their moment, and both looked up to the ceiling. Answer took off running upstairs with Nanami following him in his trail. When they reached the top floor, both eyes scanned the area to see where this sound was leading them to. They slowly made their way over to the bedroom section of the house but didn’t let their guard down. Answer grabbed his crossbow and took the lead. The silence had returned again which made Nanami feel a bit uncomfortable.

A few seconds later the same footsteps could be heard again and Answer fastened his pace. He kicked the door open to find a shadow figure, hiding in the dark corner of the room. He aimed his crossbow towards it and looked up surprised as a kid spoke. “Please don’t hurt me…?” The boy said softly and Answer lowered the bow a bit. “Who are you kid? And what are you doing in my house?” Answer replied with a cold voice and the little boy hid his face a little behind his knees that he had pulled up to his chest. Nanami noticed the kid as well and pushed the bow down.

“I… I’m sorry sir… I didn’t know someone lives here…” The little boy said, shivering as he looked up to the two strangers standing in front of him. “It’s alright, We are not going to hurt you…” Nanami said friendly and knelt down beside the boy and helped him back on his feet. He was half the height Nanami was so she figured out he wasn’t that old yet. “I’m Nanami and this is my friend Answer,” She said with a smile and looked over to Answer and back to the boy again. “What’s your name?”-
“I’m Momo…” The kid answered shyly. “Momo… That’s a nice name.” Nanami replied. She hoped she could win his trust and that he wouldn’t run away again. Answer just stood there, watching their conversation. Not sure what attitude to take on.

“Where are your parents Momo?” Nanami couldn’t imagine they would actually live there.
“Mommy and Daddy are home, there was a scary man in our city and they told me to run away and hide. Daddy was sleeping, he didn’t move, and I couldn’t find mommy anymore… So I was running… I don’t know for how long… And now I’m lost…” Nanami’s heart broke, hearing Momo’s story. He was so little… “Are you from Olympus kid?” Answer asked all of a sudden, Nanami looked at Answer and narrowed her eyes. Momo nodded his head and looked down on the ground. Answer pulled Nanami closer to him and started to talk to her softly. Just to make sure Momo wouldn’t hear this.
“I overheard Jowy talking to one of his men this morning… Littsnow has… well… He attacked Olympus… It’s no good…” He whispered. Nanami’s eyes widened, her hands going up in front of her mouth as she looked back over her shoulders. Seeing the lonely little boy made her heart sink even more.

“Why don’t I know anything about this?”
“Ask your Jowy…” Answer said, sounding a bit annoyed.
“He is not ‘my’ Jowy…” His words made her angry. He had no idea what this whole situation was doing to her. She felt like she had to make a choice between the two of them. Answer knew what she once felt for Jowy… But what he didn’t know was that she was growing more on him every day. Only she didn’t think he would notice. The only thing he saw was the love she once felt for Jowy. Jowy was a part of her past she had to let go now. When he died, so did she. And Answer blew new life into her, made her the person she was today. He had no idea how much he meant to her. “I’m sorry…” Answer apologized and turned to Momo. Nanami walked off, leaving Answer with the boy.

“Hey kid… I think it’s safer if you’d stay with us for now. It’s too dangerous to go back home now,” Answer said to him and Momo nodded his head and sat down on the bed. “You’d better go get some sleep now…. Tomorrow we’ll be heading back to the castle, and you’re coming with us. There’s people out there, looking for you parents and the others so let’s hope they will find them,” Answer nodded his head and turned away. “Wow… You live in a castle?” The little boy said excited and Answer could see the twinkle in his eyes. The expression on the cold man’s face, turned softer, “A big, big castle on the mountains… I’m sure you’re gonna like it there… But most importantly, you will be safe there.” Momo nodded again and lay down on the bed. Within a few minutes he had already fallen asleep. Answer placed a blanket on the little boy and looked down on him. He already knew this kid was going to be growing up without his parents. Just like himself. A wave of sadness overwhelmed him but he didn’t allow it to get to him. Instead he turned around again and left the room, to see what Nanami was doing.

“Nan?” Answer called out softly, but didn’t get any response. He passed the master bedroom when his eyes caught the old white curtains dancing in the wind that was coming from the balcony. Answer entered the room and slowly made his way to the balcony. Finding Nanami standing there with her arms crossed, as she stared out over the destroyed city streets. A cool, yet gentle breeze went through her dark hair as it made every little hair on her arms rise. Not because it was cold, more like a spiritual thing. Even though there was nothing or no one left in Muse, she could feel the presence of the fallen one’s still hanging above the city.

“What are you doing out here princess?” Answer asked softly. He couldn’t resist but to place his hands on her slender arms, striking them softly with his warm hands and pressed his body slightly against her back. Nanami didn’t say a word, she could only look out over the city streets. A short silence appeared but soon Answer broke the silence again.

“You know… I swore to myself that I would never return to this place again,” He said, almost whispering. Allowing the silence to strike again. Nanami slowly turned around to face him and looked up into his beautiful green eyes. They matched his long blonde hair perfectly. They were just like magic; Once she looked into them, she felt like hypnotized. Those two green mysterious orbs simply took in her soul, making her forget about the world around them. Her heart couldn’t help but to start racing, every time their eyes met. Nanami was grateful to have him with her still. He could’ve left a long time ago yet, he stayed faithful to her and wouldn’t leave her side ever. She could once again feel his eyes draw her closer to him. Only this time Answer brought his hand up to her face and caressed her cheek softly. Nanami could only close her eyes and enjoy the touch of his warm hands as he pulled her closer to him. She would just let it all happen to her. He slowly leaned in to press his lips against hers. Locking them together in a passionate kiss. Both hearts began to beat faster as he slowly went down to her neck, kissing every spot that came across his full lips until he reached her shoulder. Nanami couldn’t resist him any longer and decided to allow him to please her. Answer smiled against her lips and moved his hands down her arms until he reached her hands and took them gently in his own. He then slowly led her to the bed, still kissing her tender. Her soft lips he had been dreaming to kiss for so long. And this moment… Longing for her to be in his arms. And now they were here, together… In the house that held all the keys to his past.

Like she was a delicate flower, Answer lifted Nanami from the ground and brought her to the bed where he softly lay her down on. He lay down next to her and leaned in to kiss her lips passionately, while his hand moved up from her belly to her neck which he gently stroke. She was a flower in his eyes. A beautiful Rose ready to come out on a warm spring day. He caressed her upper body while moving his hand to the buttons of her shirt and slowly started to undo them. Nanami’s sorrows had completely disappeared for a moment as his warm touch roamed over her tensed body. She knew now for sure that he was the one she wanted, not just for days, weeks, months, or years… But forever she wanted him by her side. He was her strength the shoulder when she needed one to lean on. He gave her the courage when she lost it, She just didn’t know what to do without him. Nanami had finally found her soul mate. Answer meant the world to her, even though she had been denying it for a very long time. Yet, he wouldn’t give up on her, he was still there and never left her.
Nanami’s hands went to the back of his neck and pulled him close to her in a kiss. Her heart beating faster with every touch of their lips. His hands went over her stomach, discovering the scar, and he stopped for a moment, caressing it. “What’s this?” he whispered sweetly but Nanami took his hand off of it and continued kissing him. Answer noticed she clearly didn’t want to talk about it so decided to leave it as it was.

He had almost undone the last button of her shirt when she suddenly grabbed his hand and stopped him from continuing. “What’s wrong sweetheart?” He whispered close to her lips but Nanami didn’t answer. She could only look in his eyes, making her want him even more. “Am I going too fast?” He asked sweetly and kissed her again. His voice sounded so sweet that he really knew how to comfort her. “It’s not that…” She said softly, still looking into his eyes.
“I just never…-“ Her voice trailed off and Answer smiled down on her. “You really are special… You know that?” Answer was surprised yet relieved and so happy to hear those magical words. “It’s alright love… We don’t have to do this… We can wait,” He said against her lips and smiled sweetly. Nanami smiled back at him as her nerves had calmed down a bit.
“I’ll wait for you forever, If I must…” He said sweetly and leaned in to kiss her forehead.

“No…” Nanami whispered under her breath. “I want this… And I want it with you…” She took Answer’s hand and brought it up to her chest, to show him her heartbeat. Answer could feel it wildly pound in her chest. “This heart is beating for you… And for you only…” She felt so safe with him, not because he was a few years older than her, but because he made her feel that she wasn’t walking alone.

“Are you sure?” He asked and Nanami nodded her head.
“I love you Ans… I loved you from the moment I first saw you… And not even my past with Jowy could compare to that… I don’t know what it is that I feel whenever I’m with you… All I know is that I don’t know what to do if I’ll ever lose you…” Answer placed his finger on her lips to make her stop talking. “You will never lose me princess... Even if I die, I’d still be with you. And when that day comes… It’ll be protecting you…” Those words brought up tears in Nanami’s eyes. She didn’t want to think of that… Nanami stroke the long hair out of his face and started to kiss him passionately, forgetting the world around them for just a moment…

City State of Jowston, Muse City, Answer’s place 1:35 am

Nanami sat out on the balcony, she had been there for a few hours now while Answer had fallen asleep. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she sat there in silence. Her arms wrapped around herself. It still wasn’t cold outside, but a cool breeze who overwhelmed her now and then made her skin crawl a bit. She remembered everything that had happened ten years ago. Answer’s words reminded her of what a bad period it had been. Everything that had happened to the city state and Highland. Luca… His evil eyes still haunted her in her dreams. That night when she and Riou found Lady Anabelle lying there, bleeding to death. She would never forget those words. The apology lady Anabelle had made to her and her brother, before she blew out her last breath. An apology about how the state had treated their Grandfather before he died. How they were blamed for Anabelle’s dead… Everything now came back again. She had to tell Answer the truth. But she didn’t know how. She was afraid to lose him if he’d ever found out the truth. Nanami’s thoughts trailed off with the wind. She had to tell him the truth… It was a risk she had to take, but Answer deserved to know the truth. She was so far away with her thoughts that she didn’t notice the sound of Answer’s breathing had appeared, and that he was now standing behind her. He placed his hand gently on her shoulder and Nanami’s heart skipped a beat but she stayed calm. Placing her hand on top of his, she stared out over the streets.

“Couldn’t you sleep?” Answer asked softly and Nanami shook her head slightly. She looked up to him and then back down again. “Hey… Is everything alright?” Answer’s voice now sounded a bit worried. He could tell something was going on. Nanami took a deep breath and withdrew her hand.

“There’s something you need to know…” She said softly, not knowing what was going to happen if she told him the truth. This was more than just a coincidence. Only Nanami wondered how it was possible she had never noticed Answer before, during her time in Muse City. Yet… She felt like she had seen him before. Nanami looked at Answer and patted on the empty spot next to her, telling him to sit down. Answer did as she asked and sat down next to her. He rested his hands in his lap and leaned back, wondering what she had to tell him.

“Ten years ago… During the war between Highland and the City state… I was here…”She began to tell carefully. Answer didn’t understand. “Here in Muse?” he asked.
“Yes… For all of the leaders of the city-state; Muse, Tinto, Two River, South Window, Greenhill, Matilda Knightdom. There was a conference, where Annabelle shared the information on the Highland Army's imminent attack. We were about to discuss what action to take when Luca’s army arrived at the gates. I was there Ans… So were Jowy and my Brother… We… We were the Rebellion army or… Viktor’s mercenaries… However the hell they called us. The ones who got blamed for Lady Anabelle’s death. Because Jess found me and my brother next to Anabelle when she was attacked… By Jowy, who was forced to do so… So he assumed that we did that to her. Because Jowy had escaped before he came in. But we only came to her because she had to tell us something about our grandfather who died not long before the war started.”

A short silence appeared and Nanami looked down on her hands who were nervously playing with the blanket around her.

“She told us to run… So we did and went southward to South Window… During our escape from Muse we came across some highlander soldiers and were forced to fight them to make our ways out. We got the news that South Window had fallen to Highland as well and so we traveled up to North Window which became our new base. Soon we started building up our own forces… I was only sixteen at that time, didn’t know much but I’ve been seeing so many things ever since… Fought so many battles… Killed… Later Viktor came to us with a story Anabelle had told him… She said that our grandfather had been a heroic general for the city state, who also wielded the Bright Shield Rune worn by my brother… But he was betrayed by the then mayor of Muse, which was Anabelle's father. He participated in a duel against his Highland friend and fellow general, Han, to decide the fate of Kyaro town, the place where I grew up… Anabelle's father coated my grandfather’s sword in a poison that he detected before the duel began, planning to blame grandpa for the death of the Highland general. My grandfather could not bring himself to strike his friend, and was defeated in the duel, with Kyaro becoming Highland territory and grandpa’s name disgraced for many decades. It was this connection to my grandfather that led my brother to be named leader of the new Dunan Unification Army, and brought him to recruit people to join the cause. We started recruiting people to gain the support of the remaining city-states to challenge Highland. During this time, Luca Blight sacrificed nearly the entire population of Muse to the Beast Rune after running down refugees trying to escape the city. By that time Jowy had rose in ranks of Luca… And even married Luca’s sister Jillia…” Nanami looked down and closed her eyes. She remembered how hard it was for her to hear the boy she was in love with, had married a princess.

“He even poisoned the king so that Luca could take his place… He attacked us but he failed… Thanks to Jowy who was still on our side, he betrayed Luca to give us the information of the pending attacks… I was his contact person… With this information we were able to set an ambush for Luca and his army. All this time it was Jowy's intention since his betrayal of the city state to bring peace to the land; he never expected my brother to have such success against Highland. Still because of the runes they both were wearing, Jowy the Black sword rune and my brother the Bright shield rune, they were destined to fight each other. From that moment I never saw Jowy again. Apparently my brother let him go… And they pronounced him dead. For he could no longer go by his own name. I thought he was dead as well… But before the battle between Jowy and my brother, An arrow fired by Gorudo’s knights hit me right after we defeated highland, and don’t really know what happened after that.

They fixed me and I went back to Kyaro town… My brother thinking I was dead… But I found out there was nothing left for me anymore… I could no longer see my brother fight… So I took off and never returned..”

Answer listened carefully to what Nanami had to say. He couldn’t imagine she had been through so much… That explained the scar he felt on her stomach. But he could understand the situation a little better now. Even though it wouldn’t take away the pain of his parents’ and his brother’s deaths. Jowy apparently just followed orders… He wanted to stop war. Answer knew he had to accept it… But he would never forgive him for opening the gates to let the Highlanders in.

“I was there too… On top of Jowston Hill… I’m starting to remember things… You were the Nun-Chucks girl with the kiddo, weren’t you? I saw you staying at Leona’s…” Answer said, narrowing his eyes as he slowly began to remember. “Leona was my aunt… Never saw her again after that night…” Nanami looked up surprised, not only because of his calm response but also because Leona was his aunt. And she knew her well. “She joined our forces…Created her own tavern at our castle. Last time I saw her, she was still alive and doing well…” Nanami’s words shocked Answer a bit. He didn’t know his aunt was still alive. “When this is all over… I could take you to her if you want… I heard she headed out and rumors were going around that she would be staying in Two River,” Answer looked down in silence. Nanami noticed, and moved her hands up to his face and made him face her.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” He said softly, his voice sounded disappointed. “I couldn’t… I was trying so hard to forget all that until Jowy all of a sudden turned out to be alive. I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything… To help your family…” Nanami’s voice trailed off as she spoke.
“Hey… You did all you could… You freed us all from Highland… You and your brother… That is something I never could’ve done myself… And for that you helped… There’s nothing else you could’ve done…” He whispered softly and Nanami moved her head closer to him as she rested it against his chest. Answer wrapped his arms around her and held her close while kissing her softly on top of her head.

A lights glow slowly appeared from behind the city walls as the night started to make room for the day. Nanami hadn’t been sleeping all night, so it was going to be a long day. She sighed deeply and closed her eyes for a moment. Even the birds had left the city, no singing no nothing only the silence of a fallen city surrounding them. “Promise me something…” Answer said Softly but kept staring in front of him. “Hm?” Nanami replied, still her eyes closed. “No more secrets from now on…” She looked up to him and smiled weakly. “No more secrets… I promise…” She said and placed her head back on the same place it was, before she looked up to him. “There’s something I need to do…” Nanami released herself from Answer’s grip and cleared her throat. “And what is that?” Answer cocked a brow as he spoke.

“Go South…”
“South?” Her words made him even more confused now.
“My brother’s headquarters… Remember what Shu said? We need to find Apple. I’m sure she’s still there… I don’t think she’ll ever leave my brother’s side for I saw how she liked him.” Nanami stated and looked up to Answer. “Sweetheart, we’re talking about ten years ago here… Who knows what happened in the meantime. Maybe they’re not together at all.” Answer scratched the back of his head as he spoke.
“Ans… I need to do this… I’m so close now… Before I’m changing my mind.”
“As you wish…” He said and kissed her forehead.
“Just… Let’s make it quick, before someone notices we’re not there. We have a lot of important things to do today.” Answer reminded her and Nanami agreed. “And finding Apple is one of those things… We should head for Coronet town first, it’s about an hour away from here. From there we could take a boat straight to the headquarters,” Nanami explained and Answer nodded his head. “I’ll go see what the kiddo is doing. Should wake him up soon,” he said and took off.
Nanami stared over the city and sighed deeply. This was it. Today she was finally going to meet her brother again after ten years...

City State of Jowston, Coronet town 07:30 am

Coronet town was as busy as usual. Boats were coming and boats were going. People working hard to earn their bread. The closer they got the more nervous Nanami became. She was looking around everywhere just to make sure no one would recognize her. Holding onto the hood of her cloak, she looked down nervous. Answer noticed and grabbed her hand, while his other was holding on to Momo. He noticed people looking strange at them. Thank god they had the little boy with them or else someone might’ve even thought they were spies or something. Heading over to the harbor a few sailors were already waiting to take them to the other side. Answer walked over to the captain and pointed over to Nanami who stood there with Momo.

“Could you please take me and my family to Dunan Unification’s HQ? My ‘wife’ likes to visit her family,” Answer said and waved at Nanami and Momo, who both waved back. The captain nodded and Answer handed him some gold. He then let them enter the ship and took off.

City State of Jowston, Dunan Unification Army Headquarters 08:30 am

Arriving at the port, Nanami’s heart began to beat faster. She swallowed softly as all of them stepped back on land. It had been ages since the last time she stood here. Looking around so many memories went through her mind. Nothing had seemed to have changed from the outside. It all looked just the way it did, when she left ten years ago. A moment of panic overwhelmed her and Nanami wanted to just turn around and walk away, But Answer grabbed her hand gently and stopped her from taking another step. He looked over to her and smiled; “You’ll be fine…” He said sweetly and Nanami swallowed again. God how nervous she was. They walked over to the entrance of the Headquarters, and a knight stopped them. Nanami didn’t take her hood off, she just hoped she didn’t have to show her face right away.

“Who are you and what brings you here?” A familiar voice sounded. Nanami’s eyes widened when she heard it. Looking up she saw Camus, looking straight at her.

“Camus?” Nanami said in shock and bit on her bottom lip. Of course she recognized the man’s voice as no other. Nanami remembered how she was in seventh heaven when she met him the first time back at Jowston hill. He called her a lady and she pretty much had a crush on him ever since. But then again, which little girl wouldn’t if they were called a lady by a knight.

“Who are you and how do you know my name?” Camus said with a loud voice. Another man appeared at the gate and asked what was going on. Of course that would’ve been Miklotov, another familiar person from the past. Nanami couldn’t believe they were still there. To be honest she had no idea if they had ever left at all.

“You know these people?” Answer asked and looked at Nanami.
“Actually yes… I do… They were fighting along with us during war of Highland.” Nanami said and took off her hood. Both Camus and Miklotov’s eyes widened in shock. They were now just as shocked to see Nanami as she was by seeing them again.

“Lady Nanami?” They said and both bowed their heads.
“How is this possible? We thought you…-”
“It’s a long story… Perhaps one day I’ll explain it all. Right now I’m here to see my brother,” Nanami said as her voice slightly trembled.

“Lord Riou is out on a mission my lady. We will not expect him to come back for a while,” Those words made her heart sink. Nanami was really hoping to finally see him after such a long time… But now he wasn’t there. She looked down and pressed her lips on each other as both men opened the gate for them. “Is Apple still here as well?” Nanami asked as they entered the gate. Both men quickly closed it behind them and walked over to Nanami. “Miss Apple is still here my lady,” Camus said and took her hand gently in his, as he kissed it softly. “It’s good to know you’re alive…” He said with a charming smile and winked at her. His orange long hair covering half of his face. He surely didn’t change at all. Even after all those years he simply looked the same.

Nanami looked over to Answer as they heard Apple was there. She felt relieved she didn’t have to search all lands to find Apple. Now that Camus and Miklotov were still there, it only made her more nervous to think of who else could’ve still been there.

“Is there a lot of people from back then still living here…? Or just the two of you?” Nanami asked carefully and looked at the knights. “Well… A lot of people left back then, but a whole lot of them returned again, not long after the war was over.” Miklotov explained and Camus nodded in agreement.

As they made their way up through the castle, Nanami had this déjà vu feeling coming up all over again. It felt like she had just left yesterday. With her heart still beating in her throat they followed the two knights to where Apple was.

“We will take care of it from here. Please stay here and we’ll get Apple for you.” Miklotov said and motioned for Camus to come with him.

“How do you feel?” Answer looked at Nanami who only shrugged her shoulders and looked around the place. Not five minutes later fastening footsteps could be heard. “Nanami!” Someone cried out and all three of them looked back over their shoulders. Momo stepped behind Answer and looked over to the woman who came their way. Her hair was in a bob line and her glasses were even bigger than her face. “Apple?” Nanami walked over to the woman and grabbed her hands gently. “It’s so good to see you again! Shu told me all about what happened. Why’d you leave? Riou was so broken over the whole thing.” Apple said, and from the moment she mentioned Shu’s name, Nanami looked down.
“Is everything alright?” Apple asked, her voice had changed from excited to worried as she tried to make eye contact with Nanami, who still looked down. “Nami? Shu is okay right?” She asked as her voice faded somewhat. “Actually… he’s not, he was murdered, by Olympus. Answer said with a cold voice, he could still feel the anger, thinking back of that night. “Ans…” Nanami said carefully.
“She has to know Nan.” He replied, the anger was clearly hearable in his voice.
“M…Murdered? When?” Apple stuttered. “Not that long ago. We came here to fulfill his last wish.”
“I see…” Apple was stunned as she heard the bad news. Shu was such an important person to her. He taught her so many things in the past, made her the person she had become today. Apple nodded her head, still in shock and closed her eyes as she breathed in softly.

“Let me grab my stuff.” She said, she already knew he wanted her to take his place, for he had told her before. Some while ago Shu had told her about Nanami still being alive. He made her promise him, not to say a word about this to Riou, Nanami’s brother. He knew Nanami would go to see him when she was ready to do so. He had asked Apple if something ever happened to him, she would take his place, helping Nanami out. Nanami frowned as Apple turned around to go back and take her stuff, she didn’t even had to ask what his request was. Nanami felt a bit confused. Perhaps he had stayed in contact with Apple the whole time. Not really a surprising thing though.

“Can we offer you a drink or something?” Miklotov asked and Nanami shook her head.
“We should be heading back as soon as we can.” She said and Answer agreed. Not too much later Apple appeared again and walked over to the knights. She had another girl with her. “This is Mynx, she will be accompanying us on our trip.” Apple said and turned to Camus and Miklotov.

“Please give this to our master as soon as he comes back,” she said and handed Camus a letter. The man nodded his head and looked up as Apple left with them. Nanami hugged both Camus and Miklotov and turned back to the others. “Take care guys…” She said as they walked away.

To be continued...

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