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Story: The Rebels of The Bloodlands (fanfiction) DEEL 4

Story: The Rebels of The Bloodlands (fanfiction) DEEL 4


Hoi allemaal welkom op mijn blog! Ik heb besloten om één van mijn favoriete verhalen die ik ooit heb geschreven online te zetten.

Dit zal ik doen door elke dag weer een stukje toe te voegen aan deze pagina . Dus mocht je het leuk vinden om het lezen, vergeet dit blog dan niet te volgen.
Wel moet ik zeggen dat het een oud verhaal is en in het Engels dus verwacht niet een "Stephen King style" Engels :P Ik ben nou eenmaal in NL geboren, maar ik doe mijn best!

Het verhaal heb ik een aantal jaren geleden geschreven en is gebaseerd op de games Suikoden en Wartune, vandaar dat ik het nooit echt naar buiten heb gebracht. Maar als een hobby heb ik dus besloten om dit toch eens te doen, Ik zou het zonde vinden om het niet te delen.

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Chapter 5

Forest of Doom, Rebels Headquarters 10:15 am

“What do you mean her bed was unslept?” Jowy said in shock, almost sounding angry.
“I don’t know my lord… But she’s not here and it seems like she hasn’t been home all night,” Jowy narrowed his eyes and looked out the other way. “What about the bodyguard?” he asked, trying to stay calm. “Not here either sir…” Jowy clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. He turned around to the mirror that was hanging on the wall and took a look at the small wound Answer had caused, the time of their small reunion. “Any sign of the Olympus citizens?” Jowy asked, changing the subject. The soldier looked down disappointed and shook his head. “No one sir… “ he said softly and Jowy punched the vase that was holding some flowers, angrily off the table. “That’s it… It’s time for the next step,” He said, with a low voice and turned to the window, staring out over the forest.

Forest of Doom, Rebels Headquarters 7:30 pm

Nanami giggled as they walked up on the hill. Answer had been telling a story to Momo about his brother and the boy just couldn’t stop laughing it was too cute. Nanami glanced over to Answer, noticing he had calmed down a little. She could tell that going back to his hometown did him good. It seemed that he had finally given his past a place and she couldn’t do anything but to smile when she saw the look on his face. Her smile did disappear though when their castle came in sight. Soldiers, on feet and horses marching down the hill. Was that Jowy’s army? Nanami’s eyes widened in shock, not knowing what to think. Answer noticed it too and stopped his horse while Momo was sitting in front of him. “What is he doing!?” He asked confused and Nanami pulled the strings, preparing her horse to speed up. “That’s what I’d like to know.” She said and without saying a word she took off. Answer immediately followed her back to the castle. What was Jowy thinking!?

Nanami made her way back to the castle and got off of her horse. Jowy’s army had stopped moving and she was now looking for their leader.

“Where is Jowy?” She asked but the soldiers just kept staring in front of them.
“Where is he!?” Her voice sounded louder but still no response. She looked back over her shoulder to find Jowy coming out on his horse as well, getting ready to leave.
“Jowy wait!” She shouted and ran over to him. Nanami stopped in front of him to find him looking down on her with a somewhat cold look on his face.
“What are you doing!? Where are you going?” She asked confused, looking up to him. Nanami didn’t understand what was wrong with him but she knew him well enough to know that something wasn’t right. “We are leaving.” He simply answered, still looking down on her. “Leaving to where!?” Nanami asked confused. “Why now so sudden?” Nanami looked around to find Jowy’s men still staring in front of them. “Well I was looking for you last night but you weren’t here.” He said and waited for her reply. “I had to go somewhere…” Nanami narrowed her eyes, not seeing what the problem was that she had to go somewhere for one night. “With him?” Jowy nodded over to Answer who came riding towards them. Nanami tilted her head to the side wondering what had gotten into Jowy lately. He was acting pretty weird.
“Can we talk?” She said and straightened up. Placing her hands on her hips she waited for him to come off of his horse.
“In private.” She hissed and stepped back as Jowy looked around and at his men, and then decided to climb off his horse. Answer stood there, looking away as she followed Jowy inside. It was hard for him to control his feelings for Nanami whenever she was around Jowy, but he trusted her and knew he had to accept it. For the sake of their Kingdom.

Nanami followed Jowy inside and stopped in front of him when they reached the main hall.
“What the hell is going on with you lately!?” She yelled, it frustrated her that he was just simply ignoring her like that. “Nothing’s going on, everything is just fine.” He mumbled. “Stop lying to me… It’s not just fine, I can tell when I look at you!” Nanami tried to keep her voice down as someone passed them by and watched the person, waiting for him to leave and then turned her head back to Jowy again. “I’m trying Nan! To get everything right by helping you out and where were you!? Going out on some romantic trip with your bodyguard!! While the whole state is depending on us! Now that’s the problem!” Jowy yelled back at her. Nanami narrowed her eyes when she noticed the jealousy clearly in his voice. “You’re jealous…” She stated, looking at him in shock. “I’m not jealous but this is war!” He said, quickly trying to change the subject. “It’s been ten years Nan…” Jowy said as he calmed down a bit. “Yes… It has been ten years… But does that matter? What’s going on Jowy for real?” She asked softly, still sounding confused and worried at the same time. “Nothing, I have to take care of some things…” Was his response. “Some ‘things’… And for that you need a whole army behind you? Come on Jowy quit the bull, I know you better than that… I can see something’s not right…” Nanami crossed her arms and waited for an answer. “Look… I just think it’s better if I’d just head back to Sakaiya… We’ll be helping you, but for now it’s better if we’d just keep some space between us. “Jowy… I don’t want some space between us… For ten years there has been this ‘empty’ space already…. You know how I feel about you… We’ve been through so much together.”
“Maybe you don’t need it… But I do Nami…” He took her slender hand gently and placed it against his chest on the place his heart was beating fast. “This needs to be away from you… I see the way you look at him… And I also see the way he feels about you… I don’t think I should come between that…” he whispered sadly. “Jowy…” were the only words escaping her lips. Jowy looked at her and leaned in to kiss her forehead, turning around as he started walking away from her. “I’ll stay in contact… Don’t worry about me… I’ll be fine… And we will succeed.” Nanami didn’t answer, she just stood there stunned, watching him leave. She could still not understand what the hell just happened. Nanami knew she had to snap out of it and shake it off of her. They still had 2 weeks left until the attack on Littsnow’s army. There was a lot of preparing to do and she had to go see Zhalia now. Nanami turned around and walked towards the castle’s tavern. The place was still under major construction so a lot of things still had to happen, but the tavern was the most likely place where she would run into Zhalia, now that they had built a lounge in there as well. Nanami sighed deeply and left the huge hallway.

The tavern was outside on the second floor so she had to walk about five minutes to get there. As she finally reached the tavern, Mahmudah and Jonoh we’re sitting out on the terrace. Robert was there too but surprisingly Zhalia her mage was nowhere to be found.
Jonoh looked up when he saw Nanami walking over to their table and took a sip of his huge glass of beer.
“Well well who we got here… Lovely day isn’t it boss?” He joked and winked at Mahmudah, who was eating some snacks as usual. It was kind of funny tho’ Nanami wondered how a slim little girl like her could eat so much all day without gaining any weight. It was kind of cute but in some way pretty scary as well.
“Hi Nanny, what brings you here?” Mahmudah asked and grinned as she took another bite of her food.
“Yeah Nan, shouldn’t you be sneaking around with Ans?” Nanami cleared her throat and looked down shyly, hoping they wouldn’t notice her red cheeks caused by those words.
“Uhm… I was actually looking for Zhalia, Rob… I need her but I haven’t seen her for a few days.”
“Yeah well when you keep sneaking out with Ans like that, you would simply miss out on her.” Robert continued. He knew pretty well about the developments going on between the two. Seriously the whole castle could see the chemistry sparkling off of them. Only those two didn’t see it.
Nanami rolled her eyes and sighed deeply. “Well thanks for the help guys… “ She said with a sarcastic tone in her voice and turned around. “Try the chambers, she might be there…” Rob said and nodded his head. Nanami turned around and started walking towards the chambers.
“And you’re welcome…” Jonoh shouted after her but Nanami didn’t hear it already for she was in a hurry.

As she arrived in the chambers, Nanami could hear some voices coming from one of the rooms. She slowly walked over to the door. Looking down where she stood and carefully listened if she could understand any of the words that they had been saying. Nanami recognized Zhalia’s voice, but the other one she had never heard before. She would stop in front of the door and placed her ear against it. Looking down still as she tried to focus even more, she couldn’t really hear what they were talking about only about a meeting; “Meet me there in tomorrow … At midnight… I hope I’ll have some more news by then,” the voice said and Nanami narrowed her eyes and quickly pushed the door open to find Zhalia standing in the corner, her back turned to Nanami. The look on the mage’s face looked quite shocking when she saw Nanami standing there in the doorway.

“Who were you talking to?” Nanami asked as her voice sounded a bit suspicious. Zhalia smiled and placed her staff against the stone wall. “I wasn’t talking…” She said calmly and walked over to the bookcase. “I was working on a new formula.” Nanami cocked a brow in disbelief and looked over to Zhalia as she started to feel quite unsure about their situation. Lately it had been hard to trust the people around them. After Soffell’s betrayal, Nanami didn’t know who else to trust anymore besides Answer. “Did you hear the news?” She said, still sounding a little suspiciously.

“Littsnow has taken over Olympus… It looks like there isn’t much left of the city anymore…”

“yes I’ve heard… He took Soffell, no one has found their city leader either,” Zhalia answered calm as she opened a book and placed it on the table. “I found out the ultimate healing spell. It could still bring you back to life a few hours after you pass…” She said, changing the subject consciously.

“Ama is missing?” Nanami said, sticking to the first subject. “I do not believe a powerful mage like her would be killed that easily… Not even by a monster like Littsnow. I think I do know what he wants…” Zhalia said, closing the book that was still lying in front of her on the table.

“What’s that…?” Nanami asked carefully as she walked over to the table and sat down on it.

“It’s a long story… But not the right time to tell you now,” Zhalia said and looked up to Nanami.

“All I’m asking you is to trust me… I’m working on something that could be of use to our guild. But I need a few days… Could you give me that time?” Zhalia asked. Her voice sounded seriously, so Nanami didn’t have a choice other than to go with it. “Jowy left…” She said softly and looked over to Zhalia. “So he finally admitted it?” Zhalia said and took another book from the case.

“Admit what?” Nanami asked surprised. “His feelings for you silly.” Zhalia said it in a way that made Nanami think that she had known it forever. “Who told you that?” Nanami said confused and slightly shook her head. “Honey, I’m a mage, I look into people, It’s my job to know stuff like that…”

“No… It’s not your job to spy on me…I will not approve such thing!” A short silence and both girls looked at each other, then couldn’t help but to giggle. “Oh god… It’s a mess…” Nanami said, looking down as she still leaned on the table and had to think of last night’s happening. “Quite a night wasn’t it…?” Zhalia said all of a sudden and grinned as she saw the shocked look on Nanami’s face. “Will you stop looking into my head already!?” She said in shock and gave her a playful push. “He’s a great guy darling… Don’t take it for granted…” Nanami sighed deeply and looked back to Zhalia again. “You’re right… He is…” She said softly and smiled weakly…

To be continued...

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Ja het is idd lang haha komt omdat het een heel boek is :)
21-07-2015 16:13
21-07-2015 16:13 • Reageer
Goed dat je dit schrijft, wel lang hoor.
21-07-2015 14:27
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Leuk geschreven wel erg lang
21-07-2015 13:56
21-07-2015 13:56 • Reageer
Je steekt er veel tijd in, knap hoor
21-07-2015 11:42
21-07-2015 11:42 • Reageer
wat een werk zeg, maar wat goed dat je dit doet
21-07-2015 11:26
21-07-2015 11:26 • Reageer
Jazeker! het is een fanfiction beetje cross-over van Suikoden en Wartune, 2 spellen die ik heb gespeeld, dus de character die in dit verhaal voorkomen (op de paar uit Suikoden na) zijn de namen van de in-game characters van mijn vrienden! Dus het is eigenlijk een soort roleplay, maar ik heb er een verhaal van gemaakt! Sommige dingen die in het verhaal worden gezegd werd ook gezegd tijdens het spelen van de games =) Of er een film van komt denk ik niet haha ja of de makers van de spellen moeten erop stuiteren en zoiets hebben van: hmm interessant ;) maar daar gaan we niet van uit, het is immers maar mijn hobby en mijn fantasy ;)
21-07-2015 10:43
21-07-2015 10:43 • Reageer
Beter komt hier een film van! Echt zelf geschreven?
21-07-2015 10:34
21-07-2015 10:34 • Reageer
allesproever Nanda
jammer dat het in het engels is, wel kanp dat je het zelf schrijft
21-07-2015 10:33
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