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Story: The Rebels of The Bloodlands (fanfiction) DEEL 5

Story: The Rebels of The Bloodlands (fanfiction) DEEL 5


Hoi allemaal welkom op mijn blog! Ik heb besloten om één van mijn favoriete verhalen die ik ooit heb geschreven online te zetten.

Dit zal ik doen door elke dag weer een stukje toe te voegen aan deze pagina . Dus mocht je het leuk vinden om het lezen, vergeet dit blog dan niet te volgen.
Wel moet ik zeggen dat het een oud verhaal is en in het Engels dus verwacht niet een "Stephen King style" Engels :P Ik ben nou eenmaal in NL geboren, maar ik doe mijn best!

Het verhaal heb ik een aantal jaren geleden geschreven en is gebaseerd op de games Suikoden en Wartune, vandaar dat ik het nooit echt naar buiten heb gebracht. Maar als een hobby heb ik dus besloten om dit toch eens te doen, Ik zou het zonde vinden om het niet te delen.

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Chapter 6

Forest of Doom, Rebels Headquarters 09:38 pm

Answer was sitting on the bed as he leaned back and looked up to the ceiling. He had to think about last night and couldn’t help but to smile as he remembered. She was amazing… Answer hoped that Nanami would feel the same about all this. He could make her happy, if only she would allow him to do so. He couldn’t deny he was a little worried as he thought of Jowy. Answer felt like the man was going to do all to get her back again. So he could do nothing more than to just sit back and give her a little time. He just hoped that she would make the right decision. But that, he wouldn’t worry too much about, knowing Nanami was a smart woman so whatever she’d choose, she would make the right decision. But it was hard to just sit back and watch it all, without being able to do anything about it. Or to know what would happen in the end. All he knew was that she had giving him that one night he would carry in his heart forever, no matter where the roads may take them.

An unannounced knock could be heard on the door and Answer sat up straight.

“Yes?” He said with a cold response and waited for the person to enter the room. He was surprised to see Nanami standing in the doorway. Looking stunning as always. Answer noticed the weak smile on her face and motioned for her to come in. Nanami’s smile brightened up and closed the door behind her. She walked towards the bed and crawled on it, without saying a word and rested her head on his chest in a cuddle. Answer’s heart began to race because of her sudden action but he stayed calm. Kissing her head he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly.

“Did you get Jowy to stay?” He asked softly and Nanami slightly shook her head.

“He went back to Sakaiya...” Nanami said and sighed deeply.

“He went back to the Shrine? But… Is he still going to help us?” Nanami was surprised to hear the worry in Answer’s voice and slightly smiled.

“Don’t worry… He will…” Nanami stated and closed her eyes.

“You really trust him don’t you?” Nanami didn’t respond for a moment. But then looked at her hand that was playing with the collar of Answer’s tunic.

“Not as much as I trust you…” She said, looking up to her man who leaned in and kissed her sweetly. “There’ s something I need to do tomorrow night... So don’t wait up for me…” Answer frowned and looked down on her. “Do what?” he wanted to know. “I can’t tell you that right now until I know more…” Nanami said. “Sweetheart… No more secrets right?” Answer said with a low voice and Nanami closed her eyes again and pulled back a little as she rested her head on the pillow.

“I went by to see Zhalia today… But when I got there, I heard her speak to someone who’s voice I did not recognize. When I entered the room uninvited, No one was there…” Answer leaned back as he rested his hands on his stomach. “I think she’s hiding something from us… Or at least… There’s something she’s not telling us,” Nanami stated. “Sweetheart.. I understand you’re being all tensed and insecure about things ever since the whole Soffell thing… But aren’t you being a little too much worried? I mean… Come on, it’s Zhal we’re talking about here… If there’s someone we can trust… It’ll be her… right?” Now Answer started to doubt those thoughts also. Nanami didn’t answer. She just bit on her bottom lip, not sure what to believe anymore… Maybe she was being a little too paranoid at this point. But still… Tomorrow night she was going to see what Zhalia was up to and if she had to follow her to some point, then she’d be glad to do so… Even if it was just to make sure her friend would be safe.

Forest of Doom, Rebels Headquarters 08:30 am

As the morning arrived, Nanami woke up to find herself alone in Answer’s bed. She looked around the room to see where he was but no one was there. She looked up surprised and just when she wanted to step out of the bed, the door went open. Nanami took the sheets and wrapped it around her to cover up her body. She smiled when Answer appeared in the door way, bringing her some breakfast, and of course there was another red rose with it too. Nanami giggled and sat up in the bed as Answer took place next to her.

“Good morning my queen,” he said with a grin and placed the food in front of her.
“I brought you some breakfast, because… guess what? You need to get up! We’ve got some visitors from across the borders. They are the Rebellion army of a city called KaoS and they came here to talk to us about what’s going on. They said their leader wants to speak to you,” Answer said excited and kissed her forehead. “I’ve heard stories that they have a pretty powerful army. About twice as strong as we are,” Nanami looked up shocked.
“They’re here now!?” Nanami’s eyes widened as she looked around for her clothes. She got back on her feet and took her clothes from the ground.
“Don’t worry sweetheart, I covered for you. Said you were in some meeting and that you’ll be back in an hour or so,” Nanami smiled as she leaned in and kissed Answer’s head.
“So just relax and eat… You’re gonna need it… It’s gonna be a long day,” he said, taking a strawberry from the plate and took a bite from it. “You’re such a sweetheart…” Nanami said and decided to make some time for her breakfast. “No I am not… Only to you I am,” he said and winked at her.

After Nanami had finished her breakfast, her and Answer went downstairs together to meet their guests. When she arrived at tavern she saw them sitting around the table with Robert and Mahmudah. Laughing and talking it looked like they had found some nice company. Nanami was surprised to not find Jonoh there with them and once again Zhalia wasn’t there either. Nanami walked towards them with Answer accompanying her. And the guests stood up and bowed their heads with respect for the Rebel leader. There were only two of them so it seemed like they didn’t feel threatened.

“You must be Nanami?” A young girl said, Nanami looked at her and came to think that they had to be around the same age. “My Name is Missy Black… This here is my friend Jambo,” Both shook Nanami’s hand and nodded at each other. Answer stood there with his arms crossed, taking on his cool and tough attitude who always seemed to interest Nanami a lot.

“Yes, I’m Nanami and this here is my…-” She looked over her shoulder back to Answer, finding herself in an awkward position.
“My.. uh… This is Answer,” Jambo reached out his hand to Answer who did not move a muscle only looked at it and back to Jambo again. Jambo shyly pulled his hand back and swallowed softly.

Robert tried not to laugh when he saw the look on Jambo’s face comparing to Answer. Answer did stand there quite scary and powerful comparing to the somewhat smaller guy.
“Oh come on Ans… Don’t be so cold… They’re cool…” He said and Mahmudah nodded her head in agreement. Answer cocked a brow as he looked over to Rob with a cold look in his eyes indeed. One that even made Robert’s skin crawl for a moment.

“Okay okay… I’ll shut up already,” he said, rolling his eyes.
“You’ll be fine Rob…” Mahmudah said, patting his shoulder, almost looking like she wanted to comfort him. “Please follow me…” Nanami said to the duo and led them to the gathering hall.

As they arrived, it was pretty quiet inside. Nanami noticed it for sure. Now that Jowy was gone everything seemed to have become quietly again. She knew he would always be hanging around in the gathering hall. He definitely had grown in his thing… Jowy’s strategy had become so much more stronger than it ever had been. Shaking off the thoughts she told them to go ahead and sit down around the long table.

“So… What brings you two here?” Nanami began to speak and looked at Missy and Jambo.
“Well we came to bring you an offer,” Missy said and Jambo also nodded his head.
“Interesting… Go on…” Nanami’s eyes fell on the huge blade this girl was wearing.
“Well as you would probably know, we came all the way here from the borders of Erandel. Our master has sent us to ask you if you need any back-up. We’ve heard that you’re planning an attack on the NBK,” Jambo said and looked over to Missy. Nanami actually was in shock to know that they knew about the plans and her heart began to beat faster as she started to become a bit nervous. Answer who had taken place next to her noticed it and brought his hand up to her under the table, and squeezed it softly as he wanted to say to her to calm down a little.

“Don’t worry… You’re plans will be safe with us… We’ve been trying to destroy NBK ourselves for a very long time now but the only thing we managed to do was stopping them from plundering our city. We’ve lost so many people and… Well then we’ve heard our neighbor city Sakaiya has decided to join your side. To stop us all from getting into war. So that’s why we’re here… We would like to offer you a hand. Together we might succeed to defeat NBK once and for all… If you would accept our help of course,” Nanami was stunned. She looked over to Answer who still looked a little suspicious. “So… you mean, Jowy told your master about our plans?” Nanami asked confused… Why would he do something like that? “Yes he did, in fact, the two are companions for a very long time. And so they have been into battle together a few times before…”
“Who is your master?” Answer asked and looked at the two.
“His name is Granhex… He is a very powerful Mage but even with him we didn’t stand a chance facing NBK… They’re ruthless… So I guess we’re in the same ship here,” Missy said and crossed her hands. “I’ve heard Jowy talk about that name before…” Nanami said as her thoughts trailed off. “And how do we know we can trust you people?” Answer said all of a sudden, his voice back into the cold way as usual. “You can’t… But we trust our master… And you could give us a chance to prove that we’re sincerely… We would like to help… I lost my family because of that man and his army… And if I must fight in a war against him... I would take that chance. Even if that would mean merging with others. You don’t have to decide right now… We understand that this is something you can’t decide at this very moment,” Missy’s words struck something inside of Answer which made him have a little more faith in them.

Nanami bit on her bottom lip and looked over to Answer. She could still see the doubt in his eyes. He never was a person of trusting people so easily. But she was sure they both knew very well, that if they would decide to merge with KaoS as well, they would have a better chance of succeeding the war. A short silence appeared and Nanami got up.
“I will think about it. I must discuss this with my people first. But if Jowy has faith in you, then I will as well,” Nanami noticed the smiles on Missy and Jambo’s faces and slightly smiled herself. Only Answer didn’t seem to be that excited yet. But Nanami knew that he would come along when she had made her decision. He stood by her side no matter what choice she was going to make. And of course she understood very well that he didn’t trust them. But who could be trusted these days anyway? It was a risk they had to take.

Missy and Jambo stood up and waited for Nanami and Answer to lead them the way.
“Tell your master that we will get back to your offer in a few days. Also… I would like to pay him a visit and talk to him in person,” Nanami stated and led them the way. “We understand, and you’re very welcome. We will be waiting for your visit,” Missy said and followed them outside. As they stood at the gates watching the two get on their horses as they left, Nanami watched them slowly disappear. She turned around to find Momo play with some dogs who were wandering around in town. Waving at the little boy she smiled and he did the same. As they walked back to the castle Nanami turned to Answer and looked down. He saw immediately that she had something on her mind; “What is it sweetheart?” he said and waited for her response. “I would like to pay a visit to Olympus…” Nanami decided at that very moment. “Oh darling that…” Answer didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence.
“I have to Ans… Maybe we’ll find Momo’s mother.. I mean look at him… It breaks my heart to see him like that… She must be still out there…” Nanami refused to believe the woman was dead until she would see it with her own eyes. It had been days now since the attack, maybe people started coming back to look for their families.

“Do you really want to go?” Answer said softly and Nanami nodded her head.
“Then we will… But not alone… Who knows what’s still out there… Let’s ask Jon and Mah for back-up…” Nanami smiled and threw herself around Answer’s neck, hugging him happy.
“Thank you…” She said with almost tears in her eyes.
“I’d do anything for you… You must know that by now,” he said sweetly as he looked into her eyes.

“Look it’s our love birds!” A voice could be heard from behind them. Answer and Nanami both looked up to find Jonoh coming their way.
“So… What’s the news?” He asked curious but both Answer and Nanami remained silent.
“Okay… Something I cannot know?” Jonoh cocked a brow and crossed his arms.
“We’ll have a meeting tonight during dinner,” Nanami said keeping it still to themselves.
“But first I need a favor from you Jon,”
“Me!?” Jonoh chuckled as he looked at her.
“I feel honored lady but shouldn’t Answer be the one giving you the ‘favors’?” He said with a big grin but cleared his throat fast when he noticed the look on Answer’s face.
“Ehm, okay what is it?” He asked, sounding a little more serious this time. Jonoh was a great guy, funny, but also a little bit of a geek sometimes, but who wasn’t among the Rebels, they were such fun loving people and Nanami was thankful for finding a family like them. Every person was unique… They really grew closer through the years.

“We’re heading for Olympus…” Answer stated as he looked at Jonoh.
“We?” He asked surprised, it sounded pretty interesting to him.
“Yes ‘we’…” Answer repeated.
“And we would like to ask you and Mah to come with us… You see that little kid over there?” Answer pointed at Momo who was still running around, playing with the dogs.
“Yeah, it’s that kiddo you guys found a couple of days ago right?” Both Answer and Nanami nodded. And Jonoh looked over to the kid again. “He lost his parents… Or at least… One of them… His mother is still missing… Nan wants to go back and see if she perhaps has returned home already… To look for her son… Every mother would do that for their child… And besides, it has been some days now since the attack…So who knows…” Jonoh understood and nodded. “Sure… I’ll go see where Mah is right away… Stay here, don’t move!” He said and quickly took off. Nanami looked up to Answered and smiled as they waited for Jonoh to come back.

Jonoh arrived at the tavern as he saw Mahmudah who was about to order her daily tequila.
“Oh no you’re not!” He said, and grabbed her hand as he pulled her away from the bar.
“Hey!! Jon!!” Mahmudah cried out as he pulled her further away from the drinks.
“Tonight you can drink all you want girl, but right now we’ve got a mission to accomplish,” He said softly as he looked down on the slender girl. Her Black hair up in a ponytail, he thought it was too cute. Mah was just as crazy as he was and they were almost perfectly made for each other. But they never really looked at each other that way. Nanami and Answer were joking about them all the time just as much as they did about them. It was fun.

“What mission?” Mah said confused and followed him outside.
“We’re going to Olympus to find the kiddo’s mom,” Jon said as they walked to the stables.
“Olympus!?” Mahmudah’s eyes widened in shock as she heard his words and wildly shook her head. “Oh no no no!!” She said, slightly panicking.
“What if we run into Amateur!? We will be her toast for breakfast!” The girl said and looked over to Jonoh, who placed his blade on his back before he took out two horses from the stables. Amateur was also known as Ama, Mahmudah just never really got it why a person would call themselves ‘Amateur’ it was too crazy for words. Mostly because she wasn’t an Amateur at all no, she was very mean and powerful. “Don’t worry cutie, I’ll be there to protect you… And besides… Not everyone likes human dishes the way you do Mah…” He said with a grin, they were always joking about Mahmudah being a cannibal who ate people. Because she could eat so much all day. And still always hungry.

“Well in that case… I don’t mind… And I do not eat people Jon!” She said and also took two horses out of their stables. Leaving the place they walked towards Answer and Nanami who were still standing there, waiting at the gates for them to come. With both leading a horse on each hand, they made their way out of the city. Mahmudah handed both horses to Answer and Nanami and walked over to Jonoh, who gently handed her a horse also. Everyone got on their horse and left the city on their way to Olympus, which was situated about three hours away from their homes.

To be continued...

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Dit is niet echt mijn genre maar wel goed geschreven
25-07-2015 23:16
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Goed geschreven maar kan mij niet echt boeien
25-07-2015 23:02
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Leuk geschreven super goed !
25-07-2015 19:18
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Leuk geschreven dank je wel
25-07-2015 18:06
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Mooi geschreven meid ! leuk gedaan
25-07-2015 18:05
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allesproever Nanda
ik kan het niet helemaal volgen omdat het in het Engels is jammer
25-07-2015 17:11
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1 Girl, 8 Countries
Heb nu helaas geen tijd om het te lezen, maar kom zeker terug! Leuk dat je er zoveel moeite en tijd in heb gestopt! :) Als je tijd en zin hebt, zou ik het heel leuk vinden als je mijn pagina's bezoekt!
25-07-2015 17:11
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