Papieren bekertjes Koeien

Vind jij melk ook het lekkerst als hij ijskoud is? Zo uit de koelkast, 's ochtends bij het ontbijt, of 's middags bij de lunch? Melk uit een glas of uit een drinkpakje? Of drink jij melk uit een papieren beker? Gooi dan de papieren beker niet weg, maar spoel hem om en maak er een gezellig koetje van!

  • Papieren witte beker
  • Stukje wit stevig papier
  • Roze  en zwarte stift
  • 2 Chenilledraden zwart 30cm en 2  stukjes chenilledraad bruin 7,5cm
  • 4 kralen (bruin, zwart of roze)
  • 2 wiebeloogjes 6mm
  • prikpen, schaar en lijm

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Birdhouses for very little birds
Do you ever see them flying? Of those very little little, sweet little birds? If you see them, I think, they're looking for tiny mini houses. So they can make a nest in those little birdhouses, lay mini eggs and cute mini baby birds are born. Unfortunately I haven't seen them fly yet, not one, but at least their houses are ready for them.! :) So if you see them, show them the way to these cute cottages, do you want? Together with girlfriend and children we have some papier-mache cottages decopatched. With cheerful, fresh Décopatch papers they are pimmed and decorated with a little flower or some sequins. The children found it so much fun to do! And say yourself, these mini birdhouses look cozy! If in the end no birds come to live in it, at least it can not be due to the cheerful colors and beautiful decoration! Do you also want to make small birdhouses beautiful for the mini birds? Below you can read how, what and where! The colours of the paper come out best if you first paint the houses white. Of course, that does not necessarily have to be, but the result is a little more beautiful. Tear the paper into pieces and stick it on, overlapping, with Decopatch glue/lacquer. The glue is also lacquer and dries transparently! Stick whole faces the same color, or simply paste different designs together. The papier-mâché cottages are about 8 - 10cm large and they are available as a set, so with 6 different cottages. For kids this is a fun activity. Decopatchen with straight planes is already suitable from 7/8 years and these cottages are very nice to decorate with them. Of course you have to do it first, but after that the children can let go of their own imagination. Finally, paste some nice decorations like flowers or sequins just on with Collall Alslime. The mini birdhouses and all the Decopatch paper/glue can be found HERE ! (Tip: fill in the voucher code CREAKIDS and receive a nice surprise, included with your order for free) What is Décopatchen (Decoupage) ? Décopatchen is a technique used in the past, by the French, by the poor. There was no money to buy new furniture or home accessories, but they wanted a new look in the house. By giving their old stuff a new jacket with plain paper and varnish, it seemed like they had a whole new decor. Old stuff was pimped up for little money, so actually. Decoupage (Decopatch) is pieces of paper tearing and sticking to objects, decorating them according to your taste. Glue the pieces of paper overlapping. Then coat the whole with Decoupage glue/lacquer. The more layers of lacquer, the more beautiful the depth effect! Coloring birds - Read more Birdhouses and fruit box on pimping for Christmas - Read more Decorating wooden birdhouse - Read more Inch copy sound book birds specimen book birds specimen book birds in the animal kingdom De Knutseljuf Ede has been working with Mirelle van Crea for years with Kids! All craft tips of De Knutseljuf Ede can be found on the website Do you want a creative workshop at your home? Then look at Follow De Knutseljuf Ede on Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest Mail: - Want to see more here on Yoors? Or give a comment or maybe post something yourself? That can be! Sign up first (free) at Yoors: - Sign up here for free at Yoors! #birdhouse #birdhouse #decopatch #papiermache #smallbirdhouses #bird #birds #birdtje #birdtjes #tinkering #creatively #creativelymetkids #tinkeringmetkids
Difficult kids?
#Howtodealwith The Covid 19 pandemic brought together a series of problems that go beyond the invisible enemy. We are victims of a confinement that has brought up feelings and emotions that got a valve to release the pressure on the streets, it was an escape to our underlying reality. One of these” problems “was sharing with the children because they are” difficult “. This condition is characterized by having restless, rebellious and defiant attitudes and, usually, we assume that it is the product of malcriadity, keep in mind that a child who runs, screams, experiences, is a happy child, a healthy child. And we grew up and now we see things from our heights as parents. We are on a level where society imposes rules on us and responsibilities are overwhelming us and not being able to fulfill them can lead to frustrations and/or depressions. But, we have wondered what it means to be a child in a world where parents or adults around them are always tired, overwhelmed, in a hurry or without time. I assume the answer is no. Well, it shouldn't be easy, so when you're going to deal with your child falls from your adult heights, put yourself to his height as a child, look him in the eye and ask him first what he wants to tell you, how was his day, give him a hug and tell him that you love him, understand that setting limits and correcting is not screaming, beating, angry and less disrespect, let's go with calm we can't repeat patterns. I assure you that the need to get your attention through things that can blow you up will change because now you made it part of your world and it will feel like it ceased to be a “problem”, to become your child again. Try it, then tell me how it went.