World Breaking News | Coby Bryan's death in Helicopter crash, daughter not even alive

World Breaking News| Coby Bryan's death in Helicopter crash / accident… daughter not even alive | 

New York. American Boschwall star player Coby Bryan and his daughter Gianna died of helicopters crash. After this accident, mourning is the wave of sports enthusiasts all over the world including America.

According to the information received

NBA veteran - Bryan was a veteran of the Basketball League NBA. Spent 20 years of his career as a basketball player with the Los Angeles Lakers team. During this time he made the team champion 5 times. He himself became the NBA's Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2008. Apart from this, MVP was elected in the finals twice. Bryan made the US team a two-time champion in the Olympics.

Seven people were aboard…

- It is said that Brian was traveling in his private helicopter last December. He was accompanied by his 13-year-old daughter Giannaand 7 other support staff. According to police, Bryan's helicopter in Calabasas fell down, losing balance and was destroyed by the explosion. In this, all the people aboard the helicopter died.

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