Koeien praten met elkaar over hoe ze zich voelen

#Koeien zijn gezelschapsdieren, sociale dieren. In zekere zin is het niet verwonderlijk dat ze hun individuele identiteit gedurende hun hele leven laten gelden. " Gevoelige dieren die ons respect en medeleven verdienen.

Als je het over koeien heb, zullen de meeste mensen direct denken aan zuivel. Melk, yoghurt, kwark, ijs, slagroom en kaas. Mmm, lekker. De meeste mensen realiseren zich niet wíe koeien zijn...
Koeien zijn geen melkmachines, maar intelligente, emotionele dieren met een eigen persoonlijkheid, een eigen karakter en het vermogen verschillende emoties te ervaren. Zo kunnen ze zich bijvoorbeeld tevreden, blij of kalm voelen, sociaal, speels of nieuwsgierig zijn, maar ze kunnen zich ook ongemakkelijk, verveeld, bang, gefrustreerd, gestresseerd of geïrriteerd voelen.

Behalve de diversiteit in emoties beschikken koeien ook over een uitgebreid cognitief vermogen. Ze leren snel en hebben een zeer goed lange termijn geheugen. Ze herkennen de andere koeien uit de kudde, maar ook mensen die hen ooit slecht behandeld hebben zullen ze herkennen.
Koeien spelen graag met elkaar, zo houden ervan samen te zijn. In de kudde heerst een duidelijke hiërarchie, iedere koe heeft haar eigen plek in de groep. Ook leren ze van elkaar.

Koeien kunnen ook heel verdrietig en zelfs depressief zijn en stress ervaren, met name als hun kalfje ze wordt afgenomen, iets wat standaard is in de zuivelindustrie. Koeien hebben een heel eigen karakter, net als mensen. Sommige zijn brutaal, andere verlegen, sommige zijn rustig, andere hebben veel temperament. En dan hebben we het over de doorgefokte koeien in de zuivelindustrie. Kun je nagaan hoeveel persoonlijkheid en intelligentie je zou vinden bij niet genetisch aangepaste koeien die hun eigen leven, samen met hun kudde, in de vrije natuur zouden kunnen leven.
Bron: Monique Schouten
It is strongly advised to accept a poisoned gift
#corona REQUEST FOR ADVICE I have a house. That house is fine. Never suffered from flooding or any other problem. Now I have received a letter from the government saying that I should have the walls of my house injected because it will be better protected from the rain, everyone will be encouraged to do so and they will pay all costs. It won't cost me a euro. It's a gift. That is of course very nice but I am a bit bored that the government rejects all liability if something goes wrong with injecting my walls and there is (serious) damage to my house. She only pays for the works. For the rest, I have to draw my plan. I may be able to choose from: BV Faaizer SA Moo Derna NV A. Sea-eeca EG J. & sons Because the government has given so little explanation, I have chosen a few things myself to find out more about these companies and their products.. I like to know who I'm dealing with, especially now that I'm going to have to pay for the consequences if something goes wrong. Now it turns out that those 4 companies have had a lot of problems with their products in the past. Yes. All of them have been summoned many times by owners of other houses in payment of astronomical damages for major damage caused by them. All 4 of them have been involved in corruption scandals many times. This is not of nature to inspire confidence. contrary. If they've had so much trouble ? Amai, say. I dug a little further and what did I find out? ? That they do not even give a guarantee on their products and they have entered into a contract with the government in which they have demanded exemption from all liability and obtained. So.... if there are problems with my home I can not go to the government or to the company for compensation. Either way, a recovery is not possible because once my walls are injected it is forever. It can't be undone. I don't think it's wise to have this work done in these circumstances and under such conditions by one of those 4 companies. By the way, I do not understand at all that the government recommends those 4 companies. Such a bad reputation, so many problems and on sale for nothing liable ? It can only be that there is a smell on it, right? ? I want to protect my home even better than it is already the case, but I think I should have this done by a company with an excellent reputation such as the NV. V. Tamine. . What is your advice ? Should I accept this poisoned gift at the risk of major damage to my home against which I cannot do anything?
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Good bueeenas
#iamnewhere Hi, I have a while around here I'm Antonio Sucre, I missed José to be a procerer.. I'm 65 years old, I'm here at the invitation of friends, at this age there are many and few things that let me do. And I say they leave me because among the children saying not to work and the grandchildren who don't let me work hard I have time to write around here. I like nature, and some nice birds live in the concrete jungle and here come some to visit me every morning. I enjoy reading to others and laughing at their stories, I like the blue color, a delicious pasta, a beer and a good company... the order of factors do not alter the product. My wife says I'm crummy and I don't really like to take the opposite.. Here I will be to read and read me or see my photos, so far this community for me is part of a place where I get distracted, I do not expect to win many yorsites, maybe I do not look to publish so much but it is a pleasure to read them, I will fill my soul seeing new cultures, flavors and take a trip through their stories.