No water today.

No water today.

Water in Egypt

So many comments on posts on facebook.

“Where’s the water” “that water looks dirty” and on the video of our neighbours donkey finishing work.. “she didn’t even give her water” bet she didn’t even give her a drink while she was working. (Actually she does)

Here in the UK I’m moaning about how long it takes to wash my hair.

I’ve just made a coffee.

I filled up my kettle and while it was heating up I washed my cup.

I’ve got a load of washing on in my washing machine and this morning I had a shower. All within the confines of my flat.

I just called Morad ( to clarify a few points to be able to write this post.

In this area the water is not drinking water. It’s pumped up from the ground.

We’re very fortunate at fluffyland.

Thanks to you our supporters we have our own electric water pumps. These pumps pump up the ground water for the animals to drink and give them showers. The guys living on the land use it for washing too.

It’s not filtered though.

Many, many people in this area don’t have their own water supply like us.

Many people rely on central points to collect water. They bring as many containers as possible to fill up to take home.

I’ve seen these collection points and after my conversation with Morad learned they’re not even supplied by the government. People wishing to honour their passed loved ones will have them built and cover the cost for the pumps and expensive water filters to make it suitable for drinking. (The guys collect the drinking water they need from one of these points too)

So in Egypt for them to have a drink, wash, wash clothes, wash anything they have to first collect it and then carry it home.

When there is no power… the pumps don’t work.

On our land we have a hand pump for when the power is off.

The guys have to hand pump all the water for the horses troughs and carry it in buckets.

Free showers for outside horses (we offer this normally) are therefore out of the question when this happens.

I hope this puts things into perspective. Hope this helps you understand that this is another reason for how important it is that we’re able to offer owners the ability to shower their horses at ours.

Today there’s been no power so we can’t shower our animals and sadly horses coming just to use this facility can’t be showered either.

However - Morad organised the farriers to be there. Meaning there’s been few wasted journeys.. they’ve at least had pedicures instead!

Prince fluffy Kareem is helping working horses, donkeys and some other animals in Egypt. No goverment funding, we completely depend on donations. At Yoors we're showing pictures to show how we 're working and explain about the local situation in Egypt.

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