"Sharmaji (Brahmins in India are popularly called Sharmaji), I established an almirah making business, painstakingly and singlehandedly about 30 years ago.
By the grace of God, it has flourished very well.
Now my son has also joined me.
I have however noted that he abhors my interference in the business. He often takes decisions, deals with the business parties without consulting me.
I feel that I am being ignored." complains Guptaji, an acquaintance of mine and a septuagenarian

Well, I am of the opinion that one must renounce all worldly activities, relations after attaining a certain age and wholeheartedly engage oneself in introspection, meditation and सुमिरन ( lovingly thinking about,  chanting the name of the Lord).

Our scriptures wisely recommend practising वनपरस्थ आश्रम and संन्यास आश्रम (renouncing material things, beings) so that one can spend the remaining years of one's life gracefully, in a dignified manner.

I strongly believe that after attaining the age of 60 years, one must gradually distance oneself from the mundane, money making activities.  Otherwise one would only demean oneself.

I have written the following lines to drive home the point :

बहुत दूर निकल आया हूँ मैं, यूं ही चलते चलते
मुनासिब है मैं ठहर जाऊं, शाम के ढलते ढलते

I started walking slowly, casually. Step by step I have gone too far, achieved much success.
It is now appropriate that I should slow down and spend time in introspection before the setting of my evening.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

Mr Guptaji's  Folly