"On weekends, I like to do lots of shopping in big, swanky malls" quipped one of my acquaintances.
Another friend of mine is rather gregarious. He likes to meet his friends, relatives during his free time.

You see, the idea of happiness is highly subjective, it varies from person to person.

By disposition, I'm essentially an introvert. Though I meet people, I'm somewhat a private person.

Well, I really crave for some solitary moments with myself. During these quite moments, I relish to have conversation (गुफ़्तगु) with myself over a cup of tea.

I firmly believe that going against one's grain is the root cause of all the discomfort, unhappiness.

Few months back, an acquaintance coerced me into accompanying her to the show of a "famous" punjabi singer.
At the show, I saw people becoming hysterical over the raucous music and double meaning lyrics.
Not able to withstand such unpleasantness, I left the venue angrily without informing my acquaintance and went straight to my house. That whole night I remained uncomfortable, couldn't sleep even for a moment.

From that incident, I learnt that one must have the courage to emphatically say "NO" to anything that goes against one's temperament.

On his retirement party Dr. Christian Barnard, the first heart transplant surgeon in the world, wept bitterly. He revealed that all these years, he led the most unsatisfying life. He wanted to be a flautist but he studied medicine at the insistence of his father. He had, in fact, no interest in the medicine!

Life is not about pleasing every Tom, Dick and Harry.

The purpose of life is to listen to the voice of one's heart and act accordingly.
Only then can one live each and every moment of the life fully, contentedly.

The objective of life is not to be a successful person. Life's mission should be to become a happy, satisfied being.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

The Root Cause Of Unhappiness