Often I come across many friends and acquaintances who glumly complain that life is punishing, a great hell.

Well, I have realized in my fifty years of existence on this planet that one can surely make the journey of life enjoyable by :
(a) Minimizing one's desires.
(b) Expecting less from others, one's relations.
(c) Not accumulating more than necessary.
(d) Sharing with others the gifts that one has received from the Almighty.
Believe me, "givers" are definitely happier, more blissful than "gatherers".

I have written the following lines in this context :

सफ़र दुशवार नहीं, रास्तों को दोष न दें हुजूर
आप के जूते में फंसी होगी कोई कील ज़रूर

Don't complain about the "journey".
This "journey" is not so difficult, onerous.

Look beneath your shoe, it is highly probable that a sharp nail may have penetrated into it that is making the "journey" gruelling!

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

Ways To Make Journey Of Life Enjoyable