Not just a travelling girl

Ok, I admit. This isn't very relevant to my adventures abroad, but one thing I really enjoy doing is dressing up as characters!

The term is called cosplay: to portray a character by dressing in costume.

And it's not only dressing up, I really like editing too! For example, I made this one quite a while ago:

Image title

Many people think that dressing up is for little kids, but there's a good amount of adults that actually make a living from cosplaying!

I think what most people enjoy about cosplaying is that you can really transform into someone else! I personally only cosplay at home, but there are actually conventions which people go to all dressed up, to meet other people all dressed up! Ever heard of Comic Con?

Usually, when I don't have the right material in house, I just edit the materials onto me. It's not the same as cosplay, but it's pretty fun! For example: The new Paper Towns movie? Yeah, I'm in it ;) Image title

It's just a way I get to spend my time. Everyone has hobbies, and for me, cosplaying is definitely on the list!