The soul-tattoo

A label is a soul-tattoo that's ingrained deep in our hearts , so much so it determines how we see ourselves . And how we see ourselves determines how we live.
However , if you label yourself as a weak , you limit your chances for success . If you label yourself as a failure , you limit your strength .
If you label yourself a disappointment , you limit your ability to see that people appreciate you  or that GOD appreciates you .
So if things are mislabled they create unhelpful boundaries , false limitations .
That's why , we need to get off those negative labels and concentrate on finding new ones that GOD wants to let us move forward .
Furthermore ,Labels can be difficult to shed because , for better or worse , they can become our identity , and it's difficult to let go of that , But that doesn't have to stop you from trying to change all of that for better ...
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