#whereamirightnow The isolation of the last two years has caused psychological damage, and I think it was the most significant change that we have faced as a society in recent times, something that no one was prepared for: routines have changed, our economy is being affected and the news makes it seem even more overwhelming confinement, especially in sectors where the world where covid continues to affect with the greatest incidence. However, it is possible to influence our emotions without us ignoring our particular realities, for this I leave you some recommendations that psychologists have given

1. Social networks and some media work as anxiety triggers. Relies only on verified information provided by health authorities.
2. Virtual hugs also work. Take advantage of this time to use the myriad of digital tools to connect with your family and friends.
3. Differentiate anxiety from panic attacks. The first is usually normal in the face of the spread of negative messages around Covid-19 and the economic situation . While panic attacks can affect your physical and emotional health, so you need to see a healthcare professional.
4. Calm down! anguish is an expected reaction to the fear of what is happening in the present and what is coming in the future. Talking to a friend, family member, or someone you trust can help you control it.
5. Exercising at home is possible. On the Internet you will find countless routines that you can practice in the comfort and safety of your home.
6. There are hobbies that we used to leave aside with the excuse of not having time: reading, painting, dancing, meditating or writing will reduce the feeling of boredom.
7. Devote your attention to activities that make you feel good,
8. Watching series or movies and listening to the music you like the most, level your emotions and avoiding conflicts.
9. Do not stay in bed all day: get up, take a bath, put on comfortable clothes as if you were going to leave the house, this will maintain your self-esteem