Ode to Ingrid


Today I would like to put in the virtual spotlight: 'Our' Ingrid Tips and more.

For everyone, she is ready to support with advice and deed. The only true (multi-part) Yors manual is by her hand:

Of course, that's not all. How about the many tips, for example on the graphics package Paint.NET. With these tips, everyone can get fun effects in their photo material.

Is Ingrid only active in the manuals and tips?

No, she also has a lot of creative blogs to her name:

In the field of stories and poems, she also stands her man. Female, I mean:

In the 140w writing challenge, Ingrid is one of the many permanent participant. An example:

But besides the many narrative blogs, creative blogs, tip blogs and manual blogs (I completely forget the many photos, tips for trips at home and abroad, year time blogs, etc, etc), Ingrid is one of those pleasant personalities who is always ready for fun, compassionate and funny comments under your own blogs.

In short, Ingrid, glad you're here!

This post is dedicated to Ingrid Tips en meer

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