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The pandemic creates a clash in society: Religion fanatics, Ultranationalists, Right Populists, Football Religious, Virus Denials and Anti Vaxers claim the right to their own truth, which corresponds to the way they experience reality. Own truth and identity become so inextricably linked, so that doubt or progressive understanding of science is perceived as undermining.

Football religion , it ikke, ikke and the rest can choke mentality of football supporters has the effect that thousands of fans ignore all calls and celebrate title Ajax. Outside the Johan Cruijff Arena it appears during the championship match of Ajax Sunday that football supporters have other laws encouraged by the board and team of ajax. A singing and hosting crowd leaves nothing to the coronameasures. The police are smiling, completely according to order..

Thousands of fans ignore all calls and celebrate title Ajax

Research on brain injury in sport

utterly crap on the thousands of caregivers like Antoinette Paans (32) IC nurse and Eline Schippers (30) IC nurse. Last week, the intensive care unit of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital asked the nursing staff to cancel their holidays. Because the intensive care unit is full. Fourteen Covid-19 patients, today, and eight others.
What caused the tension last year was that people around her were denying corona. “Then I'd just been caring for sick patients, and I found it confronting that some people oppose the measures and question the seriousness of Covid.”

Antoinette Paans (32) IC nurse
Every few weeks Antoinette Paans and her husband lay the rosters next to each other at home. If he's on night shift, she must be home at night. And vice versa. They have three small children. Antoinette passes the exact days she can work to the rosters of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital. One week three days, the other week four — currently even more. She's an IC-nurse, 32 years old, her husband's a policeman. They're still lucky, she says, that the department takes into account their private roster. When the second corona wave started in the autumn, the Antoinette began to become too much. She had endured the first wave — hard work, protective clothing, a lot of patients dying. Novers who were not allowed to be there. But elementary school closed again in December, and if you're in bed after a night shift at 1:00, let alone after a night shift, and you have to teach your children again in the morning, that's hard. The children only went to school one day a week, because the teachers were asked to relieve as much as possible. Antoinette was on but kept working. Antoinette runs extra shifts, it goes better again with her. How has she recovered in the last few months? “I talked to a psychologist and I have a man with whom I can talk.” And the schools are open again (except during the holidays). That saves. What caused the tension last year was that people around her were denying corona. “Then I'd just been caring for sick patients, and I found it confronting that some people oppose the measures and question the seriousness of Covid.”
Is she going to last this trade for thirty years? Antoinette has been quiet for a long time. And then says, “I find it hard to look so far ahead. But I do have that intention..”

Eline Schippers (30) IC nurse
Eline Schippers drives 55 kilometers to work. After a night shift, she must do her best not to fall asleep in the car. She used to sleep at the hospital for two hours and then she drove home at ten o'clock. Now she has a 10-month-old son — a very good reason to drive straight home. The hospital is too crowded to take her planned vacation and so Eline (30) is working extra shifts in intensive care. “Full is full, we say sometimes, but that's not true. We currently have thirteen Covid beds in the IC, and yesterday the fourteenth was recorded. Then one went by helicopter to another hospital. And there were two more of them this morning..” Eline, her husband — who is a teacher and thus bound to school holidays — and their little son will go to the sea for four days next week. Better something than nothing. They're lucky the granddaddies and grandmothers are doing all the shelter of their son. Almost all of them have been vaccinated by now. The nights are sometimes short — when Eline comes home in the middle of the night and wakes up at 6:00 a.m.. “But that guy makes me so happy.” Eline works 28 hours a week — one week three days shift, the other four. Working on the Covid-IC can be heavy. “It's a violent, capricious disease. The uncertainty for families is great. Some patients are awake but so exhausted that they can not even drink a glass of water. Then the oxygen content immediately drops. If that gets too low, they need to be intubated — a thick oxygen hose to the lungs. Some people think that's scary. 'Cause we're gonna put you under, and you're not sure if you're gonna get out.. We try to talk to someone a lot, reassure.”

Why do COVID-19 patients take precedence over other patients? Antoinette explains: “They serve and need acute oxygen. If we don't give it to them, they're gonna die. We keep them alive here, we take over vital bodily functions. You can't cancel that. As you can postpone surgery.”

Example of a strange state of mind in which one has lost his way, or a strange person, a wandering or “silly”.

Raël (born Claude Maurice Marcel Vorilhon. He was invited by the Elohim and was allowed to stay in their spaceship for no less than six days in the 1970s. Later Rael was even invited to their own planet by the extraterrestrials. Daar maakten ze hem deelgenoot van hun geheim: zij, en niemand anders, hadden de mensheid and alle religies op aarde geschapen. Completely enlightened, he then returned to earth. Since then, the self-proclaimed prophet has gathered around him a multitude of followers, the Raelans. There are now more than 100,000.

The Prophet and The Space Aliens “follows Raël, who became the founder and leader of the world's greatest UFO religion after an alleged encounter with extraterrestrials - who called him the “last prophet” - the founder and leader of the world's greatest UFO religion.

What is the difference between a cult and a religion? Why is it easier for us to accept the story of a man who spoke with a burning bush than to accept the story of a man who received a prophecy from aliens? Were documentaries about celebrated prophets made during their lifetime, what kind of awkward secrets would have been revealed?
Upon receiving a mysterious invitation, award-winning director Yoav Shamir recruits one of the world's leading religious historians, Prof. Daniel Boyarin, as his mentor and embarks on a thought-provoking, humorous quest that Shamir from Rael's beautiful home in Okinawa retrieves. to his sleepy birthplace in France; from the “pleasure hospital” of the Raelans in Burkina Faso to the growing Raeli communities in Asia, Europe and North America. The story of this contemporary prophet and his ambitious attempts to enter new territories in search of loyal followers sheds light on the many themes and questions that reveal religion and faith.

Coloring card Papa - Father's Day
Did you make or buy a gift for your father? Pretty so! Now there's another map, actually. Below you can download and print the map. Color it beautifully with crayons, felt-tip pens, wax chalk or watercolor! Put your name underneath. Then Father's Day can certainly no longer break! Nikita has colored these plates with the children, to give extra with the Father's Day gift. What a colourful and cheerful works of art it has become! Stick it with decorative adhesive tape (eg. washi tape) on a sheet of colored cardboard. So your father can also hang it on the wall or stick it on the fridge! Download the file here (2 choices): - Do you like this?  Like then the FACEBOOKPAGE of The Craft Teacher Ede   and stay up to date with the best craft tips and creative inspirations! Mail: ilse@deknutseljuf.nl - Or look at Crafts for Children 0-4 years Join Yoors for free and free and receive the welcome bonus right here: - Sign in for Yoors 40 Father's Day tips and ideas! - Read more Sidewalk crayons and photography - for Mother's Day or Father's Day - The Craft Teacher Ede Read more Painting #mother - #fathersday gift. - Mirelle-Creametkids Read more Father's Day Crafts - The Craft Teacher Ede Read more #Schilderijtje pre #fathersday ! - Mirelle-Creametkids Read more Gift for mom and dad - Mirelle-Creametkids Read more #fathersday #map #fathersdaykaart #homemade #homemade #papa #papaday #tinkering #creatively #creativelymetkids
Turn your photo into digital illustration
#DRAWING   #ILLUSTRATION   I create digital illustrations - Enya Mona As you know, I make digital illustrations and regularly blogs about them. I like to do this and now I came up with the idea of creating digital illustrations for other. Would you like to have a picture of yourself, family or with your loved one transformed into an illustration? Then you can come to me! I deliver them in good quality so you can still print them. You can always ask for adjustments in case you haven't been completely satisfied. It's also almost Mother's Day so this can also be a very nice gift that you can give to someone! Price: €15 MY DIGITAL ILLUSTRATIONS - This is how I make my artwork. So this is also what you can expect. - - - Send me a message via Yoors or to my email if you are interested. email: enya.dhollander@gmail.com I look forward to making creations for you! If you don't want digital illustration, you can also help me in another way by sharing this. I would appreciate tremendously!

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