Old-fashioned is newfangled

Our washing machine stopped doing it three months ago. We traveled to the cycle, where pretty much all our stuff comes from.

Unfortunately, we were able to return undone things: there is a waiting list for washing machines, refrigerators, gas stoves, etc.
Because of the lockdown so many people have fallen into poverty, the cycle simply can't handle the demand anymore. It's our turn in eight washing machines! We'll have to wait and see it quietly...

Meanwhile, there will still have to be washed - on the hand. I don't even mind, I have to admit. It has something: a few washbasins, a sink, filled with water and some homemade detergent. Alternating baths get all garments: quite a luxury actually.

Fortunately, we still have a centrifuge: what a world thing! Fortunately, not only do I like it: Anieka and Arinde like filling it, turning it on and emptying it - and as a blow they hang it up for me too!

It's not bad at all to take a step backwards from time to time: it often brings so much beauty with it.

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