Omelette review

Is there another delicious recipe of delicious recipes for 2. Lots of vegetables and simple ingredients. Unfortunately, I miss the Aldi if I want to buy fresh spinach. In the freezer I only find the variant with cream. Then plan another day, because I don't have time to go to another supermarket.

Luckily I postponed it, because today I can use the two new pans from Sysas nicely for it. The spinach is so shrunk in the snack pan. In two portions, I get everything in it. When the spinach is cooling on a plate, the pan can be used again for fruiting the shallot and the delicious herbal thai green curry. I open that jar for the first time. Blessed!

In such a beautiful frying pan, frying the spinach omelet is an egg.

I bake one first and make a nice plate for the picture.

When he looks nice I share the whole thing and we're going to have a nice taste. It is delicious. I was afraid it would be a bit faint because it didn't need salt, but because of the matured cheese I used the taste is just right. The pine nuts are no longer mentioned in the recipe, but I assume they need to be sprinkled over them. It tastes like more and the second omelette will be baked in a minute. When we have them, the bellies are very well filled and we don't speak to anything the whole evening.

So again such a delicious recipe of delicious recipes for2 which I can highly recommend. See the full recipe below. And if you want to know how I got my new Sysas pans, I'll tell you about it in the blog below about our trip to the Festival of Sweet Temptations.

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