I picked a day last week and documented the whole thing from start to finish.  I used my cell phone for a lot of the pics during all times of the day (not just good lighting times) so this truly is real life in all of it’s grainy glory. Grab a snack!  My days are long. ;)  Here we go!

Our alarm goes off at 6:20 am and my husband has to roll me out of bed.  I am a night owl and don’t like early mornings!  He gets in the shower while I fumble my way upstairs to wake my girls.  Ellie is usually up and going already, but Addison (pictured above with a blanket over her head) is like me and never wants to get out of bed.  Sometimes I get back in bed with her and we both snooze for 10 more minutes until we nudge each other and convince ourselves that we have to get up. :)

Once my girls are both up and going I go back to my bedroom to put on my workout clothes and then I head to the kitchen to start making breakfast and packing lunches.  El gets lunch at her school, but Ad and Kole still like to take a lunch despite my on-going efforts to convince them that school lunch is amazing and lunch from home is of the devil.  Lunch packing.  I am not a fan.  I always have the kids set their lunch boxes and water bottles out on this counter the night before so I’m not searching for them the next morning and sometimes (if I’m on my A game) they get the packing started the night before with things that won’t go bad.

One day in my life