One of the girls

He's a boy and grows up between four sisters. He often finds it very annoying that he can't participate with the girls, because yes... he is a boy!

That he can not participate is of course unwise nonsense: he just has to do what he wants - find the sisters. And yes, his parents agree: what difference does it matter if you are a boy or a girl, do what you want!

And so the little six-year-old male was ready to get lacquered nails this morning. The most beautiful dress dress was for him, underneath a very wide skirt of his biggest sister - so the dress was even more beautiful.
After the nail polish, his other sisters gave him eyeshadow, lipstick and glitter on his cheeks. All in all, he had more makeup on than I had in ten years.

The male was happy and happy: at last he was really 'one of the girls'!

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