Online Escaperoom - The Lost Memory

We love #Escaperooms and other games where you have to think and #puzzelen to come to a solution. Unfortunately, in these times the escape rooms are closed, but... we've already found several online alternatives. Similarly: “the lost memory”.

It all starts with a beautiful old box that you will find in the attic of your new home. A chest full of memories. It makes you curious: what do all these objects mean? Whose chest was this? Can you guys still figure that out...?

This online escape room is fun to play with multiple people. That's how I played it online with my parents via video calling. We had two evenings of fun with this online escape room.

The story is about old lost love, how sweet. Which we are going to help bring back together. For example, you have to puzzle in old documents, sometimes you also need the Internet to solve things and you even have to call a number for information and send an email.

The Lost Memory is really super well put together. Not only the story is super, but also the puzzles are well thought out and worked out. It was really two great nights to play this game.

You can find this escape room HERE and is made by 18 collaborating escaperoom owners. Super cool to do, highly recommended! Did you think it was as cool as we thought it was? Then you can make a donation to help the entrepreneurs in these strange times 😉

Good luck and lots of escape fun!