Online Stories video downloader

Here's how to easily download Instagram Stories.
You don't have to worry about it. We're not going ask you probing questions about the reasons you would do this.
You may wish to download Instagram Stories directly from your own account. Or you might be looking to reuse them in future ....... video content. Perhaps you're creating an online shrine for your crush.
You don't have to. No, we're not here as judges.
You have the option to save an Instagram story for free. The problem is finding the right ones, that still work.
Be assured. We've gathered all the options to download someone else's Instagram Story (or yours) in this post so you can happily save.
Here are some step-by-step instructions that will guide you through Insta Story Download and how to Save a Story on Instagram.
NOTE: These solutions were tested on my iPhone/Mac to download Instagram stories. Although I expect the process to be fairly similar for Android or Windows users, I am sure that we can help you.

How do you download Instagram stories directly from your account
First, let's review the options to save and download your Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories from your personal account
OPTION 1: Download Instagram Stories clips, one at a time
Here's how you can save your Instagram Story's individual clip.
You can open up your Story by clicking the "Your Story!" icon at the upper left-hand corner of the feed
Keep your Story open and tap the three dots in lower right corner that say "More".
Next, click "Save ..." and "Save Video".
Done! You should now save this single clip to your camera roll/photos.
B: Get an entire day of Instagram Stories
If you would like to save your Instagram story, this step-by-step will show you how you can download the entire Instagram story (from one 24h period), which you can save, view back, and more.
NOTE: These videos may be awkward because you aren't able to "tap through the" photo stories like you usually would. Instead, they linger on screen for an almost inexplicable time.

Here are some ways you can save your one-day Instagram story.
You can open up your Story by clicking the "Your Story” icon at the upper left-hand corner of the feed
Keep your Story open and tap the three dots in lower right corner that say "More".
Next, click "Save ..." and "Save Story".
Wait for video to render
Congratulations! It should now appear on your Camera Roll.
NOTE: These methods can only be used for active stories. These methods can only be used to download Stories which have expired. To do this, first add them in your Highlights and then follow the steps listed below to download them.

How to download Instagram stories from another account
If you're looking to save an Instagram story of someone (i.e. First, we are sure that you have valid and non-stalkerish reasons to save someone's Instagram story. Know that you aren't being judged
Let's assume it's something innocent, such as... you did an overtake and want the clips to be saved. Not something crazy like... you want a montage with their faces to watch while enjoying your fifth bucket ice cream.
However, if you are trying to save someone's Instagram Story, here's how do you download Instagram Stories directly from someone else.
NOTE: The websites are all pretty much the same, but I wanted to show you other options in the event that one of them closes down. That is what happens with third-party sites like this.
They all serve the exact same purpose, and there are very few differences. So pick which one you like.
Option A: Use StorySaver
Go to storysaver
Enter the username to which you would like to download Instagram Stories and Highlights.
Scroll down to see Current Stories. You can either download them one-by-one or scroll to a lower level to see #Highlight Stories.
Right click on "Save as video" button. Choose "Save link as" to save the video wherever you need it.
Go to
Enter the username from the profile that Instagram Stories or Instagram Highlights are to be downloaded.
Scroll down to find the Instagram Story video you wish to download
Right-click on "Download" and select "Save link as". Save it to wherever you need on your computer

Download Instastory: Resources
These sites and resources will help you to download your Insta Story. Keep them in mind for future reference. We are grateful for your feedback
StorySaver - Allows to save/view stories, highlights and other information online. Very clean interface/website
InstaDP - The same as StorySaver. While the website may look a little less polished, it does work.