Bij de ontwerpchallenge maak je een kledingstuk van de thema's. Er staat 1 tot en met 7 en vandaag moet je thema 1, morgen thema 2 en zo de hele tijd door!

Dus maandag 26 april: liefde

Dinsdag 27 april: koningsdag

woensdag 28 april: sport

Donderdag 29 april: streepjes

vrijdag 30 april: chill

zaterdag 1 mei: winter

zondag 2 mei: zomer

Doen jullie ook mee? Je mag er ook schoenen en andere dingen bij tekenen!

Je moet een tekening maken van het thema dat op die die dag moet. Je kan altijd nog later aansluiten, of een keer niet mee doen.

Plaats je tekening op #ontwerpchallenge

Heel veel plezier, groetjes Tess

Leijpark013 Beestenboel 2 juni 2021
#leijpark013 #beestenboel #hondjes
How to get a gas cylinder in venezuela
venezuela to be a rich country, with natural resurses that very few countries in the world have, is a country that the needs that we live here is an ordeal that every day we spend, of course that politically the situation has brought more difficulties to the poorest, since the great and powerful politicians are government or opposition not it affects them at all today will tell you about basic services such is the gas to make our food here place in pictures of the day that to get a gas cylinder you have to pass. the big tails that you have to do to have a gas cylinder is something absurd, in a country with large deposits of natural gas where it is really a proesa to have a service, half respectable for your home, with all this, the humiliations that you are exposed is something regrettable, since no one should deserve to be humiliated by having a basic service is your home. for no one it is a secret that the countries governed by governments that have or seek in their nearest neighbors enemies where there are no, is something pathetic, because that is the story of suffering in a country where the fault is of others, except mine that is what the government says, by the way in a country that the social divide became bigger, that is to say rich people became richer and the poorest and exiled poor in their country almost 5 million people. have to stop doing your daily tasks to be able to fill you a domestic gas cylinder is something that a person should not get used to, but it is what we have left, that if I don't say it with a conformist tone, rather I say it with a tone of resignnaation, because if your protest for your rights could be imprisoned or even your danger life, all this I bring here as a form of relief, and think very well when you choose your leaders, in my country we made that mistake and we have more than 20 years suffering them