OomRoon and the search for King Yaroslav

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I've told you before that I'm a member of The Comic Board and occasionally I get called to the rescue. And that was good, because now that I can't go to the fairs with Soofje anymore, I re-read a lot of comics, but I think I've already reread almost all of them again..
This week I was sent a nice package asking if I could tell you which comic it was and who the creator was, and more importantly, if I wanted to repair the pages. From the packaging came a piece or twenty original drawings. For some, the concept of drawings was a very optimistic concept. Apparently, the draughtsman had not always been happy with his artwork and had cut out his opinion picture and exchanged it for a new picture. Especially in the first episodes there was plenty of change. By the end, it rarely happened.

The exchanged pictures were put in place with adhesive tape and the adhesive strength of the stuff had become a lot less.. Actually, it stopped sticking at all and there was a variegated collection of loose drawings on the table. After an hour of housework, the pages looked like the artist intended them. And the great thing was that on the back there were also drawings that had never been used before and as a comic book lover I can only dream of.

The style reminded me a lot of Olivier Blunder, if only because of the big noses. Suddenly I understood why the drawings were sent to GNEP, because GNEP refers to this kind of drawing style, the big noses. And this was a wonderful example. Fortunately, there was one useful clue — it said in which Pep number it had been. Only it didn't say what year. And what draughtsman was it? Now I could have run straight to the attic and gone through ten years of Pep, but I liked it better by a detour. The comic book was about a downright theater club and a king. Furthermore, on the back it was seen that the original version was in French. With that already a lot of draughtsmen fell off. But not enough.

www.Pepsite.nl gave nothing recognizable but there are more places, where collectors like me described the content of comic books quite in detail. As www. mmoree.home.xs4all.nl where all the illustrators are listed and then find out if King Yaroslav is listed. And he stands there with the title Het Lompentheater. The story comes from 1972 and is made by Verli, a.k.a. Hubert Verlinden, who comes from Belgium. The unsurpassed Comiclopedia law to tell something more about him. And so I had a very nice afternoon with my favorite pastime, the comic book world.

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Prevention Talks
#education  #health  #gezondheid  In 2019, following the recommendations of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) belonging to the Organization of American States (OAS), joint work was carried out between the Ministry of Health and Education. This day had specialists in general medicine, nutritionist, dentistry, optometry. Among the activities carried out, the following were achieved: vaccination control, visual screening, oral health talks, height and weight control for more than 1,300 students from our institution.These are evidences of the talks given at that time. Charlas de Prenvención En el 2019 atendiendo a las recomendaciones de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS) perteneciente a la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA), se hizo un trabajo mancomunado entre los Ministerio de Salud y Educación. Tal jornada contó con especialistas en medicina general, nutricionista, odontología, optometría. Entre las actividades realizadas se logró: control de vacunación, despistaje visual, charlas de salud bucal, control de talla y peso a más de 1300 estudiantes de nuestra institución.Estas son evidencias de las charlas dadas en ese momento.
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I Want This Booster! But Not For Myself!
As many of you know, I have a company whose revenue/profit is spent on minima-families. Every now and then, such an incredibly poignant story comes along.. I share this on my Facebook group The Hermelijnhof so people can see what they're donating for. Below is a report from today. Just had a long conversation with a woman who had finally gathered the courage to ask for help this morning. I'm so proud of her. She is a proud woman with two smart, hard-working teenagers and a (far too) hard working man. The we-should-solve-this-self-mentality there is deep ingrained. But now despair is too great, too cluttered. The oldest studies, completely at his own expense, at the university. Because of Corona, this fanatical student has been at home all year round, and the laptop needed for the study is running overtime. Time and again, children also contribute to household income. There are, due to external (and known to me) circumstances, absolutely no extras. Their income is €5.00 too high to claim assistance from the Food Bank. A lot of help has been in contact with this family and they are on the right track. There are no significant debts (anymore) and everyone is working hard to keep things in order. And then, shortly before any exams have to be done, the oldest laptop. Since the family talks to each other about the financial situation it is immediately clear that there is no jar for the €809.00 repair for this device, buying a new one is already not an option at all. The device now lies with the repairman to be made. Fortunately, this family makes sensible choices. When purchasing the laptop, insurance is taken out, which covers most of the costs, but there is a deductible, of €168.00. And that will have to be paid in a week. Mother lies awake nights with worries, she cries a lot in our conversation and is visibly tremendous. “ I'm handy with selling things, so I've always been able to solve it, but there is simply nothing left to sell “. She doesn't remember. The worst part was how her child reacted; despondent, desperate and distraught. The child even indicated then to stop the study, because he no longer saw a way out. What now? I'm reassuring her right away; with our great group, we're going to settle this. In fact, it's already settled, so I tell her. Thanks to the sale of inserted items, there is always a buffer on the account of De Hermelijnhof, so it will be fine. We're gonna do this. Because assistance requests usually ask for stuff, we can leave money largely on the account, so that when there is a question for help where only money can provide a solution, money is also there. Of course we're going to arrange this. Thanks to you. That's why in this again a huge hymn to all members of De Hermelijnhof. The rich stinkers, the minima, and everyone in between. You're helping this woman and her family out of the fire. You take care of this financial space with the input of items, with the purchase of items, with shopping at De Shoptjes, and with your donations. Thank you so much for that. Thank you so much for taking care of burdens within this family and especially thank you for the trust in De Hermelijnhof, that I can do this job, that I can make people happy and connect, and that we can make the world more beautiful together. I am grateful to have the confidence to be able to spend the money that comes from you wherever I feel it is necessary. You make the world more beautiful, it's you who, even if you don't see it, make a difference. A family that sits down for dinner and is relieved collectively. The hope they feel, the love of charity, the relief and the trust. That's priceless. Thank you, I say with tears in my eyes. Thank you very much! A fierce day! A nice result! So I could use the booster! Below a photo of the reaction of Mrs.. #tomakepeoplehappy #helping #render #thanks #love #sharing #iwantthisbooster

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