I wrote this letter on Plazilla a few years ago and unfortunately it is still up to date. 😡

Unfortunately, not a week goes by without a grave being destroyed somewhere. Yesterday, I read that graves were destroyed somewhere again. I know I won't achieve anything with this letter, but I still secretly hope that at least one vandal will feel guilty and reimburse the costs for everything he/she has destroyed and that he/she will never destroy a grave again, but will respect the deceased.

Hello gravendestroyer,

Don't think this is going to be a letter complimenting you for destroying graves and making me laugh, because I definitely shouldn't. I'm just upset about the fact that you have no respect for the deceased and the relatives. I haven't experienced it yet, but it does hurt me when I read or hear that graves have been destroyed again and I don't have to think about the graves of my in-laws or all the other people I've known being destroyed.

What's the sense of humour to destroy graves?

Could you explain to me, and perhaps better still, to the relatives of the people whose graves you destroyed, what the humor is to destroy graves? Because I don't see that, but that could also be due to my intelligence. What's so nice about stealing and/or smashing flowers, vases, bears and more on the grave of their grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, cousin, child, husband or wife? Does that give you such a kick? Or is that you are responding to aggression? Wouldn't it be better to go to a boxing gym? There you can hit a punching bag without destroying anything. If you don't have money for a boxing gym, you'd better destroy something of yourself if it gives you a kick. Oh, no, now I'm coming to something that belongs to you and that's not the intention. nonetheless? What did all those people do to you? Nothing, right? I bet you didn't even know all the graves you destroyed, that you didn't even know the people who lie in them, and you probably don't know the families of those people either. nonetheless heb jij die graven vernield. Were you so drunk and/or stoned that you were off track? Or were you sober and did this just because you were bored? Then surely there are other things to do? Watch TV, work out, cook for friends, read. Well, there is plenty you can do without destroying other people's graves.


Don't you understand that relatives are already struggling enough with the loss of their grandpa, grandma, father, mother, child, uncle, aunt, cousin, husband, wife, friend or girlfriend? That the grave of their grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, child, husband, wife, nephew, niece, uncle, aunt, friend or girlfriend makes you even more sad? Or that you open wounds again after years? Or does that just give you a kick that those people are even more sad? I really can't imagine it not doing anything to you. You really have to do something? You must be sorry and remorse, right? It already saddens me and makes me very angry when I hear and/or read that another grave has been destroyed, covered and things that lay on the grave have disappeared, and it's not even the graves of people I knew. I let them place cameras in the cemeteries so they can pick up scum like you. Nowadays, that seems necessary, otherwise they can't catch scum like you, because it really rarely happens when you get caught red-handed. After all, I don't think it's normal for the graves to be destroyed and items stolen and/or smashed.

I have another question:
Look, I'm assuming you're not destroying the graves of family and/or friends of yours. You're just destroying the graves of strangers. How would you like it if the grave of a family member or friend was destroyed? Would you laugh and thank him/her? Or would you also be angry and sad? Try to imagine that, maybe you'll understand it and finally respect the deceased and their loved ones. The fact that you finally leave the graves alone and that, you don't have to say out loud, should even remind the deceased, and it would also be nice if you leave a note on the grave of the deceased you destroyed for the relatives with your apology. And if you have a bit of guts, add your name and include your phone number where they can contact you so that you can say that you will compensate the relatives for the damage. Then you're really a guy/girl. Destroying graves and stealing or smashing things on them isn't cool. Respecting the deceased and the relatives is cool, though. Hopefully this letter will make you think.

Greetings from someone who hates people who have no respect for the deceased and the relatives

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Open letter to the grave-destroyers

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