Order online

I did not like doing it at all, because I am very happy to support the local entrepreneurs.
I didn't like it at all, because I like to use all my senses when buying.
I didn't like it at all, because I always enjoy the contact with others.
I didn't find it relaxing at all, because it just took me two days.

I'm talking about ordering online.

- That's a disaster! Really, I don't find a turd!

I ordered shoes, stuff for the children, some food, a card reader for the computer and rechargeable batteries, and it took me two full days and evenings.

Maybe I'm a hat too, and maybe I'm a little weird about that Internet too. Oh, my goodness, I'd rather go into a store ten times.

At one store the shipping costs suddenly turned out to be very high,
at the other store they didn't want to send abroad.
At one store, they only had half,
at the other store, they calculated beastly prices.

And then all that compare!
I have learned over the past two days that comparison sites are not up to date - far from it!

But now, after those square eyes, after all that frustration, after all my compares, after all my choices, suddenly it gets fun! Only two more nights sleep and my packages could be delivered!

It feels like a package night: my heart is beating with expectation.

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