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Oreo's Cheesecake

cheesecake by oreo.

Hola amigos de yoors :D Hoy les vengo a mostrar cómo preparar mi receta de cheesecake by oreo.


  • 30 oreo cookies, approximately.
  • 300gr cream cheese
  • 395gr of condensed milk
  • 1/2 butter


The first thing we will do is to separate the cookies from their stuffing as follows

Then we will take only 15 cookies (30 halves) and we will crush them.

In parallel, melt the 1/2 bar of butter over low heat and, when completely liquid is cold, we will knead the crushed cookies with butter, until a paste is formed. Then, we will put such a cookie paste in the mold as follows:

This will serve as the basis of our cheescake. We're going to put our cookie base in the oven at a minimum temperature for 15 minutes, so they're crunchy.

While cooking, we will prepare the mixture. For this we will use the fillings of oreos, condensed milk and cream cheese.

Let's put in our blender -or blender - cream cheese, stuffing oreos and condensed milk as follows:

At the end of blending or whipping, we will have a thick mixture that will serve as the filling of our cheesecake. In the meantime, let's get the cookie base out of the oven. It may feel a little soft at first, but after a while he's going to start to enducerer and acquire that crunchy we expect.

When we take our base out of the oven, we will proceed to place the mixture, BUT NOT COMPLETE, since we will be filling in layers with the remaining oreo cookies, as follows:

NOTE: Do not forget to leave 1 biscuit (2 halves) for decoration.

After finishing filling with layers (mix-biscuit-mix-biscuit-mixture) We must finish sealing with a thick layer of mixture, to later decorate our cheesecake with the extra biscuit, crushing it. And it will look like this:

We let refrigerate for 5 to 6 hours and then our cheesecake will be ready to eat.

I hope you liked this delicious recipe. Enjoy dessert!

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